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Default A new goal...

This week I have one (more) goal - to learn to more that one way to use my new, cool, hula hoop.

Along with continuing to meet my general goals from last week.
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Hello everyone!

Calories < 1700/day:
Workout 3 times this week:
Hit my mini-goal of 220#
Motivate all the others here to get back on track!!

Maybe it is just the time of year with fall coming on but we seem to have lots of members struggling with their motivation and determination. Just remember you are worth the effort and the rewards of fitness, and health are long term. While I believe you must do this for yourself remember all the lives you will touch, improve and enrich as a secondary benefit of being healthy and fit.
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Hi all! Happy start of the week. Was a bit bad and had a Halloween cupcake my friend brought in today...but still in a deficit, so that's not so terrible. Think I will just start off with 3 goals I can complete this week before adding some more in a few weeks. Got two social events coming up this weekend, so will be needing some motivation from here. Good luck with the week!

Calorie deficit 400-500: 165
Workout 3 days: Mon
>80g protein a day: 83.7
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Hope, I DID follow your lead and planned my menu as soon as I got back from cardio class. Breakfast just a protein shake. Lunch was roast beef with fresh spinach and a teaspoon of horseradish sauce on a low carb, high fiber tortilla. Dinner will be pollock fish and broccoli with cheese sauce. Snack will be another protein shake and almonds. I'm really struggling to keep a positive attitude--gotta buck up and just accept the fact that it's not going to be easy to get my weight down to a healthy range. My empathy on the double butt! I haven't even looked at mine because I suspect doing so would make my eyes bleed. My belly is so huge that it actually touches my upper thigh. GROSS!!! Hey, I like your 4W approach--whips, wagons, whatever works.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
It's frustrating...I feel like I did well for a long time but now nothing seems to be working the way I want it to .
Cassie, that's EXACTLY how I felt before I caved and went on a month long binge. Now I've taken several steps backwards and I'm paying dearly for letting myself get so far off track. Hang in there and drag as much motivation as you can out of our support and your own inner strength. You can do this. I hope you feel better soon!

Mike, I echo Cassie. Don't give yourself a free pass for a whole week. It's not worth the temporary comfort. Tell us at least one good thing you'll work on.

Mary (Kumochi) good to see you again. Nice goals. I noticed at the gym today that not going for just two weeks made such a huge difference in my flexibility and range of motion. But it's a great senior citizen cardio class, so I'm sure I'll regain it quickly.

Ama, great goals. Thanks for your works in progress pep talk--it really helps to know--not that misery loves company--but that we are not alone in this struggle and have each other to lean on and with whom to share the journey.

Dmartz, congrats on the hula hoop.

Ron, you also have really nice goals. Thanks for the reminder that fitness and better/sustained good health are long term benefits. My going off track gave me only a fleeting moment of pleasure and a lot of extra work to do...

Hadena, good job on the controlled cheat that still netted you a deficit. Best wishes with your social events this week. You can do it.
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Ama, I will take your challenge! Can't think of a better way to stay accountable . Too late to prelog breakfast and lunch, but from here on out:

Breakfast today was a banana (grabbed the quickest thing I could find, since I had to leave home at an ungodly early hour).
Lunch was a spinach-romaine salad with leftover roast chicken breast and craisins.
Snack was almond butter on celery, and I've had 3 cups of hot tea today, too.
Dinner will be homemade chicken vegetable soup (already made) and hopefully some apple bread if I can get it made in time.
Snack tonight will be a big old orchard-fresh apple and possibly some almonds.

I like this idea, Ama...not only for accountability, but for meal and snack ideas! Thank you !
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Thanks, Ama!!!

My planned meals for Monday:
Ezkiel sprouted grain english muffin with low fat, lactose free swiss
small apple
1 c. homemade chicken veg and kale soup
1/2 tuna sandwich (on sugar free local rye bread) with lettuce and red onions
grilled scallops
butternut squash
100 cal pack of sugar free cinnamon almonds
an orange
a cheese stick

1252 cals (a little carby for me: 40%) but of the kind of carbs I can handle, to get me back and not feeling deprived.

I really feel so well supported and so great to be back with all you guys!!! Glad that Mary and Mern came back too!!!

Ron, thanks for your kind words and support! It's great that one of your goals is to help others!

Hadena, one cupcake is not bad. You stopped at one.

Mike, I am joining the One Goal for Mike Support Group!!! You have pushed us!!! Time for us to push back!!! (in a good way.)

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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Mike, I am joining the One Goal for Mike Support Group!!! You have pushed us!!! Time for us to push back!!! (in a good way.)
My One Goal for Mike: Drop and do 10 push-ups every time you use a swear word.
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Ladies (and Ron), Tori said she won't let me take off. Do y'all want to help think of some goals? Doesn't have to be the same ole song and dance. I like the push-up that Ama has but I swear A LOT! I don't even think I notice it. Now does that include text or just speaking?
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One Goal for Mike:

Water. (You decide the amount.)

It's not new; it's not sexy, but it's reasonable and I KNOW you can do it.

Plus you're making Tori do it.

(Hey at least I didn't try to make you wear something pink.)

BTW you swear a lot by text?

That's my new "mission" (hopefully not impossible): The One Goal For Mike Campaign. Who else is in?
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Default I am.

I told him earlier to post every day, but here's another: get out on the tennis court this week! If you can't find a partner, you may substitute walking five miles (which should be chump change) .

I am through the worst of my swearing now that the Yankees have gone down .

Although my husband for the past couple weeks was just shaking his head at me and just trying to convince himself that I had temporary Tourette's...
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