7 Day Motivational Thread beginning 10/22/12

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oh, i forgot to say too, that today was grocery shopping day. i did buy a few snacks for the kids and dh, but i did not buy things that are my favorites and i bought less of them. (a little progress!) when the snacks are all gone, i'm not going to buy more. i spent money on grapes, apples, oranges, strawberries and bananas, and they can eat those things or have nothing at all. i also did not buy myself ANY weight watchers or skinny cow ice creams! i've got 2 or 3 left from last week, but i did not buy more, so giving myself a pat on the back for that.

have a good night everyone!
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Default Results are in...

  • 5 min.s Hula Hoop, 5 mins of not so perfect push-ups
  • Not enough veggies, (some carrots, lots of fruit)
  • Arm intensive to-do list item (3 hrs)
  • 1400 cal.s (1750 basis) Need more protein!
  • Veggies: Lots! broccoli/lettuce (lunch), primavera (dinner)
  • 15-20 mins push - pull w/ heavy springs, 40 mins misc calisthenics
  • Above w/12 sequential, slow, imperfect, push-ups (1 inch still to go!)
  • 1214 cals, 73 grams protein (24%)
  • Major progress on to-do list
  • Veggies: Broccoli
  • 20 mins - Misc., jump rope, Hula hoop
  • 1403 cals, 54 g protein (16%)
  • Some Progress
  • Veggies: Even More broccoli
  • <major progress on To-Do item equal to serious workout>
  • 1135 cals, 41 g protein (14%) Going wrong way wrt protein!
  • Major progress
Fri, Sat, Sun:
  • Very few veggies
  • Cals: 1497, 1649, 1850
  • Grams Protein: 46, 103, 72
  • Work in lieu of work-out.
Completed three items on to-do list this week, including one major item. Binged on food and drinks Sunday.
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