7 Day Motivational Thread beginning 10/22/12

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  • 5 min.s Hula Hoop, 5 mins of not so perfect push-ups
  • Not enough veggies, (some carrots, lots of fruit)
  • Arm intensive to-do list item (3 hrs)
  • 1400 cal.s (1750 basis) Need more protein!
  • Veggies: Lots! broccoli/lettuce (lunch), primavera (dinner)
  • 15-20 mins push - pull w/ heavy springs, 40 mins misc calisthenics
  • Above w/12 sequential, slow, imperfect, push-ups (1 inch still to go!)
  • 1214 cals, 73 grams protein (24%)
  • Major progress on to-do list
  • Veggies: Broccoli
  • 20 mins - Misc., jump rope, Hula hoop
  • 1403 cals, 54 g protein (16%)
  • Some Progress
  • Veggies: Even More broccoli
  • <major progress on To-Do item equal to serious workout>
  • 1135 cals, 41 g protein (14%) Going wrong way wrt protein!
  • Major progress
Canary: Banana Poisoning! ROFL!

Mike: 35 push-ups! I'm so jealous!

- Donna
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My plan for today
Low fat muesli with soy milk
organic ham on small multigrain roll
roast chicken
string beans in garlic and olive oil
1 cheese stick
1 sugar free cookie
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What I ate
Breakfast (plan and real):
Organic chicken sausage, no casing (Mern, you got me in the mood for sausage and it was goooooooddddddd.....)
1 Local egg, 1 white
small local apple
Lunch: (um no plan)
1 c lentil soup (verrrrrry carby!!! did not realize how much so until - yup after I ate it)
1 local pear
Dinner (plan)
grass fed burger with raw onion and pickles
add to this Ezkiel hamburger bun
kimchi pickles
leftover cauliflower and broccoli - no
organic beef hotdog with mustard and sauerkraut - had local apple and 1 T chunky natural co op peanut butter instead
2 organic cheese sticks
1 100 cal package of Emerald walnuts and almonds or cocoa almonds
Add to this seafood salad and lettuce on a small multi grain roll at midnight- I went food shopping and I was hungry

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1) plan meals -yup, yup, yup, half and half
2) 1600 cals max -1265, 1357, 1350, 1496
3) stretch yup, yup -eventually, yup, in yoga class, does that count?
4) yoga, walk, something, 2 x this week (starting slow)- walk with DH, looked at the autumn colors, not today, gym, yoga in gym
5) write (I am now on a deadline)- yup, no, yes, very little
6) drink more water -trying, at least 48 oz; 56 oz at least, 56, ? not as much as I should have
7) send out positive vibrations yeah - yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

BTW I don't tell off my Spanish teacher; I requested that we speak more Spanish in class rather than just talking about general stuff in English and it worked. I didn't mean to make her feel bad but i know it probably did.

I will respond to posts later. I am off to yoga.

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Lisa, that's great about your recipe adaptions. I haven't kept up with our group well lately. Do you work night shift?

Jenn, Naturally More peanut butter has just two grams sat fat and only 3 net carbs per two tablespoon serving (7g total carbs less 4g fiber) and 9g protein so it's not as fattening for me as many other peanut butters. Nonetheless, I eat only 1/2 a serving because 3 net carbs is almost an eighth of my daily carb allowance--too much for me only two tablespoon of foods. I will not be using it as a metabolism booster. Some say peanuts are not good for boosting metabolism and that walnuts beat out almonds. I've always read, too, that your body has to work harder to warm up the cold water. What is the reasoning behind warm water being better for your system than cold? There's always two sides to every story. No foods or methods are perfect. We just do the best we can with the info we have at the time. Your chores burned a lot of calories. Congrats on that.

Tori, sorry you didn't hit any goals this week. It certainly does take a lot of concentration and work, doesn't it? You know you let yourself open for Mike's comments, don't you? You know he'll suggest your head was somewhere "where the sun don't shine." Hope you have a great weekend and come back Monday ready to work on your goals.

Donna, great job this week. I am in awe of your level of accountability!

Hope, again your menu sounds so healthful and delicious! What are you writing right now? Well done on your goals! My granddaughter and her BF speak to each other in Spanish often. They each took four years of it in high school and are taking it in college as well in an aim to be considered fluently bi-lingual. GD said her first day of Spanish class in college, one student remarked to the teacher that he spent the entire class having students repeat words in Spanish but never said what any of them meant. He said the lack of translation was an oversight as he was assessing proper pronunciation and accenting the correct syllables. LOL

I was going to cardio class but accepted an appointment with a contractor who is going to do some kitchen repairs, insulation, and painting for us. So I'll do my aerobic walking DVD today.
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My Goals
Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
checking in and posting every day.
yes, yepper, sure did

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Tell us at least one good thing you'll work on.
My daughter doesn't know her way around a kitchen, poor thing. Withe her being 700+ miles away now, I texted her a bunch of pics and made a video for her on how to make red beans and rice. I called her and guided her through it and she actually made a "REAL MEAL", some red beans and rice and said it was awesome!

I DID something good today (I sent a friend in California my P90X DVDs). I guess I need to start working on something good.

Can't think of anything (I ordered some stuff to lower the bike for a better race stance but I don't guess that counts)

Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
Drop and do 10 push-ups every time you use a swear word.
yep (did 20, I've been really good!), didn't swear one bit... so in your face!, did 35

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Water. (100oz)
yes ma'am, I'm going with yes (2 more bottles of water and I'm there), sure did

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
walking five miles.

none yet, still none (I guess I've been a lazy butt), zero

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
set a good goal for yourself for daily veggies. (2 veggies)
0 (but I had 3 servings of fruit.) 2 (and a couple serving of fruit), 1

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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Check-in time:

1. Calories below 1250. 1155, 75 of which was cough drops and Vitamin C tabs, 1264, 1222, 1201
2. Exercise 6 hours total. 30 min I'm a lazy butt, too, Mike; once my cement sinuses clear up, I gotta get back to it!
3. Sleep 7 hours per night. 7, 7, 7 (can you believe it??), < 5. Just could not sleep last night, and woke up an hour before I needed to.
4. Force fluids. Yes, Fair, Yes, Yes
5. Log everything and post daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
6. Eat clean. Except for cough drops, I guess..., Ditto, Everything except cough drops and Goldfish crackers, The English muffins today and yesterday were processed; other than that, clean as a whistle

Earlier this evening we had our son's NHS induction, so I am a proud mama for sure. Plus I passed on the cake at the reception afterward . Stuck to my posted plan, too.

But now I am soooo tired. I can't remember the last time I hit the hay this early, but it's about to happen. Check you all tomorrow. I hope you all have had a wonderful day .
Congrats on your son! Now clean out those sinuses and get your butt in gear.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Heyyyyyyyyy, that dietitcian dissed our breakfast, Mern! You're right, never mind Mike. I'm gonna slap her!!!
One last thing: just gimmee one shot at that breakfast hater, Mern, that's all I'm asking...
You may have to do the slapping, my pimp slap is getting kinda weak.

Originally Posted by lcriswell0421 View Post
1. take prescribed meds on schedule twice a day
check! yes. yes (i'm doing great!)
2. get back into the habit of logging my food every day
yes. yes. yes, even the bad stuff
3. stop eating cheez-its and bagels!
yes. ate junk today. i had a few bbq chips (less than 1 oz)

i didn't do well today at all. well, i stayed under my total calories burned, so at least i'm not in the "gain" column, but i'm def. far from the "burn" side. i'm a really good cook. good for my family, bad for me. tonight's chicken enchilada casserole was so flippin' good that i had 2 pieces. i allowed myself in my plan for the day to indulge in 1 piece of pumpkin cake, but i had 2 (one during my middle of the night feeding frenzy, which i wish i would stop doing). i also had an extra 1/2 tuna sammie on a bagel thin. i'm not too upset about that, but if i didn't have those 3 things i would have been even below my target with my calories to be in the burn column.

here's what i have planned for today so far:

- 1/4 C oatmeal with 2 tsp unpacked brown sugar, 1 tsp Stevia, 1/2 C milk and 1 Tbsp raisins.
- 1/4 C tuna/mayo/relish on a toasted bagel thin
- 1 piece leftover chicken enchilada casserole with 2 Tbsp lite sour cream
- snacks...popcorn, orange, grapes

wow, that looks like a painfully short list. i'm sad just looking at it. i will do my best to stay on track and get through the day without binging on anything.

have a wonderful day!
We all slip up from time to time. Just hop back on and get busy today.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Metabolism boosting food list so far:
TURKEY, CHICKEN BREAST, LEAN PORK AND BEEF (body must work harder to digest those proteins)
PEANUT BUTTER (now that seems to be controversial)
SALMON, COD, AND OTHER WILD CAUGHT FISH. (But tuna is controversial)
What about mustard? One of the best metabolism boosters isn't food, it's building muscle.

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Mike, suck it up!! Good for Tori keeping you in line.
Hey I thought you were on MY side...

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Quick check in....I've hit NONE of my goals this week. My head hasn't been in it. Maybe next week????

High fives to all y'all doing well!!
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Mern, I didn't even think of burning calories while doing chores. I was just glad that I got a lot done. Shows that maybe my head is the same place you said Mike would think Tori's is.
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- Limit 2 slices of bread/day. 0, 2, 1, 3, 0
- Get to the gym 2x this week. N, N, N, N
- H2O, lots of H2O. Y, Y, Y, Y
- Cook 5 healthy dinners (no eating out until the weekend). Y, Y,, Big deep fried, blu cheese covered NO, Y (DH made black bean soup - yummy!)
- Bring lunch to work 3 out of 4 work days this week. N, Y, Y, , N,
- Work 32 hrs minimum this week. 7.3, 7.4, 7.4, 6.9

Pre-plan for Friday

Coffee x 2
Mac n Cheese (yes bad, but organic, gluten free, with no preservatives so could be worse.
Ham sandwich
Did not have the fish meal below last night... so
Baked salmon with yogurt dill sauce
Cauliflour - I'll try mashing it, remember posts about that a while back
Chocolate square
Gin and tonic with lemon

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
You may have to do the slapping, my pimp slap is getting kinda weak.
All the more reason for you to practice!!!

Tori, I miss seeing you on the thread.
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