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Good day yesterday even with going out for dinner. One thing about a rapid gain - with me it usually goes away fast the first week I'm back on track.
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Jenn, nice to see you back, too. I put up a note to let you know tomorrow if my dietitian has any new ideas for me. Just put your food choices for Saturday and Sunday behind you and start fresh. I totally get where you're coming from-I'm 5' zero" tall, weighed 227.5 Monday, and wear a size 24. I'm always the fattest one in family pictures. But you know what? I'm proud of myself for working on it. Some people 5'2" and size 4 don't have to work at all to be that small--so maybe you and I both deserve the self-praise they don't. I honestly do feel that way--not that I'm jealous, but trying to give myself credit where credit is due. Best wishes--and please let me know how your diabetes follow-up went. How about coming up with just one good goal today to do the rest of the week and posting it for us to see? (nudge, nudge. )

Mary (Kumochi), job well done yesterday! I'm hoping my rapid gain will go away quickly, too--that most of it is water weight.
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- Limit 2 slices of bread/day. 0
- Get to the gym 2x this week.
- H2O, lots of H2O. Y
- Cook 5 healthy dinners (no eating out until the weekend). Y
- Bring lunch to work 3 out of 4 work days this week. N, Y
- Work 32 hrs minimum this week. 7.3,

Pre-plan for Tuesday

Coffee x 2
Grapefruit - little bit of sugar
Oatmeal with little light soy milk
Ham sandwich for lunch
pork chops for dinner
garden salad or baked brussel sprouts
chocolate square for dessert

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My Goals
Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
checking in and posting every day.
Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Tell us at least one good thing you'll work on.
Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
Drop and do 10 push-ups every time you use a swear word.
Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Water. (100oz)
Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
walking five miles.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
set a good goal for yourself for daily veggies. (2 veggies)
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Mike, I love it! I love your goal list and how it came about!!! So glad to be part of it!!

Jenn, welcome with goals or without! But hey how `bout drinking a little extra water? That was the goal I suggested to Mike. He's doing 100 oz but he's a beast (in a good way, a water beast LOL.) You can do less, I'm sure, but still improve.

Also, Jenn, I wanted to share something. When I was younger and in better shape, I was walking on a treadmill in my gym. A girl next to me was running at an intense pace. I looked over at her; she was about 6 ft tall, blonde, gorgeous. I said to myself if I ran from today till Muntakindonish (phonetic spelling, meaning, I think, "next Wednesday" in Yiddish; an expression my mother used to use meaning forever - If I ran from today till forever...) I will NEVER look like her (not in this life, baby.) I decided to just try and love myself AS IS and to work on what I can. I don't always follow this philosophy but isn't it a good one?

Mary, I agree with you. You start back on, the extra weight comes off. 2 lbs for me since I started logging on Sunday.

Mern, I'm with you on snacks. And I love reading people's food choices, gives me ideas. You got me in the mood for turkey sausages...

Cassie, you feeling better?

Judi, where ya at? You doin' OK?

Ama, that chocolate square sounds intriguing...

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Calorie deficit 400-500: 165, 419
Workout 3 days: Mon
>80g protein a day: 83.7, 81.7

A pretty good day today...managed to have a grand total of zero cakes/cookies etc that were brought in for someone's birthday. What is it with all the cake around at the moment?

Jenn, good luck with your appointment! Also, don't worry about a couple of not so great days, just treat each day as a new start, a chance to really do well. You can't have eaten so much in two days that it's not reversible - even if the scale shows a higher number, you KNOW that you haven't eaten as much as it might show and a lot will be food/water retention. Just get back on the wagon, everyone is here to support each other.
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Hadena, good job on the self control!!!

And thank you you reminded me to wish Jenn, good luck on her appointment. Good luck, Jenn!!

And yeah, Hadena, I don't know what's up with the snacks. Aren't Hallloween, Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays enough to sabotage our plans?
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  • 5 min.s Hula Hoop, 5 mins of not so perfect push-ups
  • Not enough veggies, (some carrots, lots of fruit)
  • Arm intensive to-do list item (3 hrs)
  • 1400 cal.s (1750 basis) Need more protein!
  • 1 hr push - pull w/ heavy springs, misc calisthenics
  • Veggies, cals TBD.
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Thanks for all the nice postings, everybody. The embarrassment is from lack of uuumph to journal and hold myself accountable - and not eating as I should. I dropped too much, too quickly, added to the stress, and now am fighting a nasty cold and laryngitis. S2BX has caused some of that stress, in addition to some work-related stuff (bus drivers have to be tested by the state every time the renewal comes up - I get tested Nov.8th -aaarghhh!), so in all likelihood, my resistance to the germs carried by my charges is way down. Things have been challenging, but I found out that since he's physically left us, I might be eligible for some assistance from the state. It sticks in my craw, but since I've paid into the system for 30+ years, I think I can swallow my pride...

BUT!!!!! Mom and Dad are doing wonderfully - Mom has rebounded amazingly. I have started the floor in the living room, will be painting it this weekend. When it's finished, I'll post pix of my woman's lair. Sorry fellas - there seems to be some purple mixed into the color scheme (not garish - subtle). Found myself a nice "friend" (aka a distraction - keeping my heart waaaay outta reach), and we walk three times a week...and I am going to be entering my 1st 5K (walk/run)! He'll be running it with his daughter, and my baby sista (46) will be joining me in the walking part of it.

There is some good - now I have to get back into the good habits again...
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Default Mondays Results!

Calories < 1700/day: 1586
Workout 3 times this week:MON
Hit my mini-goal of 220#: Pending
Motivate all the others here to get back on track!! Pending

Had a good day. Even though my Protien was not where I wanted it. The extra carbs gave me lots of energy for my workout.

Looks like a lot more positive results from everyone. Good to see everyone back! Even Mike seems to be more positive since acquiring some goals. Keep it up everyone.

Jenn; Just perservere and good luck on your doctors appointment!

Judi; Good to see you back. You know when you don't want to be here is when you need to be here the most.

Mern; Congratulation on not eating the Ice Cream you had pre-logged!!! Not sure I have that kind of will power. I am envious.
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