7-Day Motivational Thread 8/6/12: Let's Bring It!


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Judi, welcome back to town. Kudos on logging over the weekend. I don't know what your goals are for carbs and protein, but your calories look very nice!

Closing down the kitchen, so I can post my very good

Sunday report:

Exercise five days YES, YES, day off, YES, YES, YES, day off
Water 64 oz. YES, YES, YES, Maybe 48 oz. YES, YES, YES
Calorie limit 1500 1485, 1685, 1140, 1349, 1711, 1970, 1262
Eat clean YES, YES, YES, YES, mini tortilla shell snack, Yes, I did eat clean, YES
Total carbs less fiber limit 25g 21.2g, 22.8g, 24.8g, 22.6g, 23.3g, 28g, 21.8g
Fiber target average 25g 39g, 37g, 46g, 32.6g, 25g, 47g, 41g
Cholesterol average 250mg or less only 24mg, 129mg, 158g, 195mg, 369mg, 368mg BUT average is 207 mg-still on target, 188mg
Sat fat average 11% or less of total calories 4%, 9%. 3%, 18% 18g, 12g Average 10.7%, 11%
Protein average 120g 138g, 155g, 141g, almost at 118g, 141g, 185g, 126g

Goodnight to all except to Nichaleh to whom I wish a good Monday morning.
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Way to rock it out Mern.

I was a weekend warrior although now I feel like a wounded warrior. My back and knees are killing me after 2 days of laying tile.... And I'm still not done. I've laid about 90% but the last bit has a lot of cuts. I still have to grout it but I'm giving myself a Yes for the tile. It's turning out nice but I went with the slate look and that's not for everyone. I've had mixed reviews, many love it but some may not like it. I won't name the one that doesn't like it. That reminds me, Tori will be making our goals again. Haha

G'night all. I'm whipped, I feel like I just went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, but I still have my ears. Tomorrow I have to miss work so I can finish the tile and move back into my room.
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Hey everybody! How's the weekend going? Today is my day off, free from all counting, weighing and general healthy living. So really I'm just checking in because I like you guys.

Nobe, you crack me up. I know exactly how you feel. I always feel like me and my house are tornado victims after family leaves. It takes days to get everything back in order.

Mern, my calories will always be low because of my PCOS. My Dr. told me that the only way for me to achieve any kind of weight loss is to keep my calories under 1000 daily. Which sounds shocking to a lot of people, but it actually kind of made me laugh when he told me because I was always telling my Mom "I know you think I'm crazy, but the only time I get results is when I keep my calories at like 700 a day" and she never believed me. Anyway, the Meteor Shower Party was great! We saw some so huge I was sure they were going to land in the neighbor's yard. Perhaps a few too many Malibu and Pineapples, but hey, that's what cheat days are for.

Mike, I'm sorry you feel like a wounded warrior. Tiling can really take it out of you, but just think of all the calories it burns!! I bet it will be gorgeous when its finished!

Well, I'm done for the night. Gonna eat some cheat day pizza and watch a movie with John. See you all tomorrow morning!!
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