7-Day Motivational Thread 8/6/12: Let's Bring It!


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Originally Posted by kayla.underhill View Post
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous Monday. I actually had a splendiferous Monday. Not a word, don't care at all. I woke up early this morning and snuggled with the baby for a while (I should stop saying baby, she's almost 18 months old.), then we got up and had breakfast. I went to my final interview and was HIRED for the bestest job ever. Then I came home and cardio and strength trained my butt off, watched some Criminal Minds (my favorite) and then went to my old horrible job and put in my 2 week notice. It has been a simply lovely day, but also exhausting and I am so ready for bedtime. Here are my #'s for today.

1) Stay within calorie limits. Yes, 618.
2) Get 3 workouts done. M-Yes.
3) Keep carbs @or under 33%. 35% :/
4) Get to bed by 10:30. On my way now.

1) Finish cleaning out and scrubbing house. I definitely made some progress today.
2) Stick with budget, and STOP OVERSPENDING! I went a whole day without buying anything I don't need! GO ME!

Tori and Mike, you two crack me up!
Congrats on the new job! Great job today. So did you only eat 618 calories for the day? I'm glad you got a chance to crack up over us.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Checking it in:

1. Calories below 1300. 1109
2. Balance pie chart and follow my rules. Yes
3. 72 oz. fluid daily. 78
4. Log everything and post daily. Yes
5. Eat clean. Yes
6. 3-4 fruits and veggies per day (I'm stealing ). 4
7. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes
8. Sleep 7 hours, at least, per night. 5.5
9. Exercise 6 hours total this week. 30 min.
I'm glad yo see your green light is off. You must be working on #9! Congrats on the great start!
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Hi everyone, I’m in!
In 4 1/2 weeks I am going to a costume party and I am wearing a corset!! The first one I bought for the party is now too big YAY! I have ordered two more in the next two sizes down as I am not sure what weight I will be by then. I would really like to get into the smaller one by then but that might be a little ambitious. Needless to say I want to stay on track this week. Also, I have bought some 2 kilo hand weights as I’m nervous about baring my flabby upper arms to the world. If anyone has any idea what to do with the weights to tone my arms tips would be welcome.
Weekends have been my failings, we seen to socialize with food and there is so much yummy stuff! All of it high in fat and carbs. I have decided that I can have a few more calories on the weekends but I will try and keep it under 1800, I am hoping that knowing I can have some will stop me from having all. We shall see.

Goals for this week Monday to Friday
• Log my weight here daily : M: 82.8kg-(182.54lb) T:82.4kg-(181.66)
• Start weekly body measurements: M:nope T:tomorrow I promise!
• Calories under 1350: M:1774 T:1424
• Carbs 33% or under M:49% T:26%
• At least 20 mins physical activity per day M:no T:no
• Start using those hand weights M:no, but I didn’t make the goal until Tuesday T:no, still don’t really know what to do with them.

Cassie- Thanks for kicking us off , I love your sig. It was one of the first I noticed when I joined a few weeks back. I found myself reciting it after eating something I shouldn’t have, it is a wonderful reminder for me as I am known for throwing in the towel after one slip up. Not any more though!
Canary- hehe love goal 4
Kayla – arrghh I hear you on out of control weekends, can anyone say all you can eat pizza hut? :/
Your day with bub sounds wonderful though, I miss my little girl being that young! And congrats on the new job,
Quinn- Big hugs, it must be hard to let go of your little girl…. But exciting too. Because of all you have done right she is off to college. Be gentle with yourself.
Mike- hehe, you always make me giggle
Tori- beat him to that 170! :P
Mern- welcome back to the wagon, I’m clinging on to the back somewhere.
April – Love the tattoo, you are right about there being some bad tatts out there, but that one is really lovely.
Boji- yep, I need to stay away from the drinks too…. The six udl’s I had last weekend, after making last weeks goal to not drink any alcohol really pushed the calorie count through the roof.
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Default Monday

My update, so Mike will hush


1-post starting weight and make log public: (181.4)ToriD1012 - free online diet and fitness journal
2-log everything: yes
3-most amount of water: 67.6
4-most amount of fruits/veggies: 6
5-least amount of bread: 1
6-most miles walked: 0
7-lose 1.5% of starting weight: (-2.7#)

Tori Specific:
1-do NOT slack on paperwork: yes
2-get car taxes reduced for high mileage: wednesday
3-plan ahead all meals: yes
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Monday report: I was lucky to have a busy day to keep me from temptation of snacking.

Exercise five days YES
Water 64 oz. YES
Calorie limit 1500 1485
Eat clean YES
Total carbs less fiber limit 25g 21.2g
Fiber target average 25g 39g
Cholesterol average 250mg or less only 24mg
Sat fat average 11% or less of total calories 4%
Protein average 120g 138g

Nicaleh, sorry I can't help you on the arm exercises. Kudos on the too-big corset! I think it's a great idea for you to allow yourself to have 1800 calories on weekend--still can have treats but there's a limit. Here's hoping you and I can get further to the middle of the wagon today. I know we can if we really try.

Kayla, congrats on the new job. So glad your Monday was splendiferous!
I still call 18th month olds babies. Great that you had that special snuggle time.

Cassie, nice report yesterday!

April, I forgot to say your tat is pretty.

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For yesterday:

1.) Go to the gym today (Monday) - Yes
2.) Drink the dang water - Yes
3.) Step away from the alcohol - Yes

I did pretty good overall. My calories were at 1650, which is higher than I usually aim for, but I purposely didn't set that as a goal, so I'm not beating myself up about it. The scale came down 2.4 lbs, which is great although not a surprise, since the first day or so getting back into things when I've been off the rails is usually like that - probably just water, etc.

I think I will set new goals for today:

1.) Reiterate to myself why I'm doing this, and why I'm going to keep doing it, and why it's worth the struggle (write it down or something)
2.) Drink the dang water
3.) Stay away from the alcohol
4.) Maybe go to the gym, but don't beat myself up about it if I don't
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Mern, awesome day yourself! You had a great start to the week and I'm glad your trip was enjoyable.

Tori, Mike, nice work yesterday. Keep it up!

Nichaleh, this was in the exercise thread about possible exercises; haven't had time to peruse it but check it out: Exercise & Muscle Directory. I hope your outfit rocks! I was trying to find a corset last year online for my gothic slut Halloween costume. Well, you know how there are programs that track what you search for and then put up related ads...I got slutty clothing ads for a week and a half before I got around to changing the settings. Got some interesting comments at work .

Joanna, Kayla, I know you ladies will have another strong day today!

Gotta run...time for jail (no water for me this morning ).
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Default New to FitDay

I just joined today - so even though I am a day late I am going to list goals for the week (hope that's okay....):

1) Journal every day and learn fit day program
2) Download fitday app to iphone and learn it
3) Walk 10 miles over course of this week
4) Be at least 3000 calories short for week total (only 6 days now -so 500/day)

That's enough for now

I have done WW in the past but wanted to try something different... I just turned 40 and am 77 pounds overweight.
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Fitness / Health Goals ...
1. 100 oz water a day (more is better) M:Yes,
2. Walk on lunch 4 out of 5 days M: 2miles,
3. Workout 4 times (nights work too) M: No,
4. 5 fruits/veggies a day M: Yes,
5. Dinner - cut back on portions M: I think so,
6. Weigh & post it daily M: 229.2lbs, T: 228.8lbs,

Life Goals ...
1. Put away laundry (already folded it!) M: DONE! Had company coming it had to be done
2. Encourage but don't push M: Yes,
3. Keep paperwork caught up at work M: Yeah,
4. Repaint my nails (me time!) M: No - had company over,

So my tattoo artist came to check on my ankle last night. We are already discussing adding more color into it where it was trying to bleed out and we have decided to add some swirls and maybe a few stars & twinkles around it. We will cover the numbers that are there now and move them out and incorporate with the stars since they are so small that they kind of ran together now. ... Last night was fun. She & her hubby (my hubby's work friend) came over and they brought their little girl who is almost 4 yrs old. I have been horrible about having them throw away some of their old stuff. I either have it in storage totes under their beds or in the attic (clean up there too). So my youngest went and got out the play foods box. They played for quite a while. When she tired of that my oldest helped her put it away and then he went up to the attic and brought down the lincoln logs. They all three played with them building cabins and stuff. It was so sweet but it made me a little sad. I really, really wanted to have a little girl but never did and now that time is passed for me. I will wait for grandchildren (YEARS from now!). I told hubby though that I would gladly borrow their little girl if they need a date night though

Mern .. I have very mixed feelings about him joining the Navy. I am proud of him for knowing what he wants. I know that he will get a very good training and probably be more mature for it, although he is already very mature. I also know that him doing this will save us some of the college money that we don't have for a while. However.... I am not a person who believes in war. So I have very mixed feelings.

Tracey ... It is hard not to compare yourself to someone else when losing weight. You just have to know that every person's body is different and you will lose at your own pace. Her pace may be too fast for your body to maintain. I am comfortable losing at my rate because I feel it is maintainable. Every pound I lose is one that I must maintain.

Kayla ... A new job! Yay!!! Sounds like you did have an awesome day yesterday. Giving 2 weeks notice at a sucky job made my day just over 2 yrs ago so I know that feeling so well!! ... The numbers in my tattoo are my starting weight 331 lbs. The tattoo was in remembrance of losing 100 lbs. Every time I see it I will know that I lost 100 lbs and do not wish to regain them.

Nichaleh ... Look on YouTube for Fitness Blender. Then scan through their workouts for arm exercises. They have some really nice easy to follow routines. I do most of them with 10lb dumb bells but some I can only use 5 lb ones for (like V Raises). I am working on toning up my loose arms too but I feel I may be fighting a losing battle. I'm gonna keep trying though!
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Calories: 1,498 Fats: 73.7g Carbs: 83.4g Protein: 131.8

1) Post #'s daily : M yes
2) Get the 5K done at least 3X this week - keep the running/sprints at or above 200' per, and do at least (gads) 5 per 5K : M yes
3) Keep calories under 1500 : M yes
4) Keep carbs under 90g : M yes
5) Take supplements: M yes

Also painted the foyer walls and ceiling. Gotta finish the trim today.

Mike, Tori - you two are a pair that'd beat three of a kind, to be sure! Too funny!
April - that tattoo is very pretty - and quite well done. I miss having girls in the house growing up - soooo much testosterone around here!
Mern - a belated welcome back!
Nichaleh - I have been using light weights when I walk in hopes of tightening the upper arms - these bat wings are stubborn!
aakers01 - Welcome! It's a good group here - and FitDay is a great way to keep track of everything.
Kayla - Congrats on the new job!
Tracey - I know how you feel - I too get frustrated when ppl like Dh skip one meal and drop 3 lbs overnight - while I am watching and recording every calorie, working harder than I ever have, and the scale is stalled for 3 weeks! GRRRRRRRR!!! But we will prevail!!!

Well, sitting here isn't getting much done - hope you all have a good day, and keep on keepin' on!
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aakers. Welcome--glad you joined us. New members are welcome even on the last day of our weekly thread if they wish. Nice goals! Looking forward to getting to know you. I'm 66 and 100+ lbs. overweight, but my goal is to just get to the point where I'm more healthy, feel and look better in my clothes. I'm aiming for 150 lbs. and will reassess my weight goals when I get there.

Joanna, I got a good chuckle out of your "drink the dang water." You're so ladylike. I used a stronger adjective for my exercise this morning, but it would be censored here. LOL Kudos on the 2.4 lbs. water loss. I lost 1.5 lbs. of water overnight, so I know how good that feels after one day back on the wagon. I like your thinking--it really doesn't pay to beat oneself up over not meeting a goal or aspiration. Your goal number one is inspiring--thanks for sharing that.

Cassie, thanks for your encouragement. Oh, I almost forgot you don't like to use the restrooms at the jail when you have business there. I hope things went well for you there.

April, kudos on your Monday report. Nice that you can adjust that tat to give more color and coverage. We still have a few stuffed animals my 30+ year old kids outgrew and toy food and resin/plastic farm animals and storybooks my grandkids outgrew. We drag them out when little ones come to visit. Grandkids are great--you get all the fun without the responsibility. I totally understand your feelings about your son joining the Navy.

Judi, thanks for the welcome back. Great job Monday! Keep up the good work!
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