7 Day Motivational Starting 5/7/12

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calories intake max 1200 - m/1300
exercise my routine every day - m/y
drink neem - m/y
take walks - m-n
don't eat junk food - m/y
don't drink alcohol - m/y
drink lots of water - m/n

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Monday Report:

Overages due to an extra evening snack of turkey, lowfat cheese, and a teaspoon of horseradish sauce, but I give myself credit for all snacking yesterday being nutritious food.

Calorie limit 1500 1586
Cholesterol limit 250mg 241mg
Carbs less fiber limit 25g 26.9g
Fiber average 25g 36g
Sat fat average 12% of total calories 11%
Protein average 100g 126g
Water 64 oz. about 54 oz.
Exercise 5 days

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Cassie, what a smart decision to have your son email the director himself. You are more diplomatic than I am--better idea for him to just say he didn't know what to do.

Jho, I hope your sore throat is better today. Not counting the cleaning and sore throat, sounds like you had a nice weekend visiting your Aunt and then having pictures done yesterday. Kudos for still being on the wagon. I was surprised to hear Mike saying "I can't" but was too tired to drag out my whip. LOL

Mike, good job on posting simple goals. That's not just better than nothing--takes diligence to lose 2 lbs.

Lizzie, 1400 for the day and a heap of housework sounds good to me!

Hope, big hug to ya!

Tori, kudos on going back to basics. That may also help you have a better frame of mind. Big hug to you, too.

I'll be back later to finish catching up. Have to get the grandkids off to school, go to the Y, and then run a couple errands.

Stay STRONG, everyone! Let's get out of our funks and vow to have a good day and feel GOOD about ourselves.
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Stay STRONG, everyone! Let's get out of our funks and vow to have a good day and feel GOOD about ourselves.
Amen Sister.
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Diet Goals:
Tupperware pitcher of water, daily M
Walk 1.5 miles daily M
3-1200 calories days
Personal goals:
Clean kitchen after each meal M
Keep kitchen floor free of dog hair M
Vacuum 5 days M
Wash walls of entryway and halls
Can you tell the dogs are shedding?
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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
Hey y'all.
I was just thinking of you, thinking if you would mind if I PMed you to see if you are OK.

Welcome back, Amy!!!!

You have been much missed, amazing funny gorgeous crafty woman!!!

Oh, I just read about your middle DD. Is she OK? How scary!! My DD once fell off a horse didn't even break anything and I still have nightmares when I think of it. No wonder you needed a break!!! (dang, pardon the pun)

So glad you are back and we have our untrained (and trained, hi Cassie!) therapists on hand to help.

And that goes for you too, Tori. Don't ever think you can't vent. Look at me, Debbie Downer with at least one catastophe a week and I can tell you this is a very loving and supportive community!!!

Hugs right back atcha Mern.

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1) 6 daily glasses of water minimum: 6
2) 1650 calories maximum: 1347
3) walk/gym 3x this week minimum: No
4) write one hour per day MINIMUM: 1/2 hour, GRRRRRRR
5) be present and mindful: Yes
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1. log food: some
2. drop 2 pounds: +1.2
3. post weight daily: starting @ 182.4, 183.6
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Great to be back with you all. Welcome back Amy Maybe Ontario and Michigan were suffering from the same downer. We need more light!

Yesterday went well as first day back on track;

Calories, 1330
Water and Green tea Yes
Exercise _ a 20 minute walk but its a start
Balanced nutritional chart

Started today with sauna and yoga. Mary
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For yesterday:
1.) Under or around 1400 calories/day: epic fail
2.) Drink lots o' water: decent
3.) Bike to work at least 1 time: VERY rainy

So yesterday wasn't great in terms of food. And it was stupid because it wasn't like I was feeling munchy, I just wanted to EAT. It's vaguely reminiscent of when I used to comfort eat, you know? I don't know that I've done that in a while. I've been a little stressed out the last week or so... I found a small lump in my breast I went to the Dr. yesterday, and she scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow. My family has no history of breast cancer, and I'm young as these things go, so I'm sure it's just a cyst, but the waiting to know is tough, you know? It's just there in the back of my mind, kind of weighing on me. And a couple nights, I freaked myself out a bit. Anyway, point is, I think the stress is causing me to binge a tad. Anyway, that's what's up with me.
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