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Default I'm alive...

I had a battle with an a^%hole is a 6000 pound company van while on my bike today. He was driving down the road, on side of me, WHILE READING HIS NEWSPAPER!! I yelled at him to put down the newspaper and drive before he ends up killing someone. He didn't like what I had to say and proceeded to aim his van at me and try to run me over, he then took a left turn. I decided to turn and well, followed him, got his plate number. I was going to get on side of him but he swerved again to try to hit me. I called the cops and reported him. It's okay though, I will find him and see if he wants to do the tango. He and I, one on one, dancing the night away. Pray for him that WHEN I do find him, that I show some mercy... I don't think I will though.

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
I'm in. I'll post goals later. I kicked 2%'s butt last week. 4.2 lbs for a total percentage of 2.18. Mike--how'd you end up buddy?

Catch up with y'all later.
I forgot to weigh in on Friday, I knew that Saturday and Sunday I would gain several pounds. For the week, I'm down just under a pound. Great job, I knew you had it in you, you just needed to be pushed. I'm so glad that you accepted my "race to 170" challenge

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Tori ... I knew you could do it!

Mike ... I don't think you will be seeing the red you saw in my report last week.
Tori rocked it. I think she doubted herself. I think sh'e got -1.8% in her this week, don't you?

Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence- had my ass handed to me by life stuff.
Though I trust that Mike filled you all in on the super awesome time that he had with me in NOLA?!

1. 3L:
2. Vitamins:
3. 10 miles:
4. Take steps to not get overwhelmed:
Welcome back! I told them and even posted the pic.

Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
LADIES! I just blasted through last week's forum in less than an hour! Where has everyone gone?! Why is everyone less chatty?


Tori: If you'd ever like to come up with acronyms together, I recently joined that "Single Ladies Club" again too.

Mike: WHY DID YOU NOT WARN ME THAT ALCOHOL IS A THING OF THE DEVIL?! I am Never Drinking Again! I partied for 2 hours... and then was sick the remaining 22 hours of my birthday. Honestly I only coherently remember 30 minutes, which is OBSCENE! I was almost arrested! How do people do this to themselves and call it fun?!
As you know, I don't drink any more. Just think of the time you would have had if you would have been drinking in NOLA, especially at the bar I sent you to.
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Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
I must certainly did learn a lesson! I'm just the type of person who would prefer to drink water & dance, than to drink poison and cry. :P Plus I've heard that alcohol affects athletic performance, which is so NOT okay!
I've heard it affects other types of performance too.
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Daily Goals -
1. Loads of water. (2lts+)
2. At least 3 servings of fruit and veg.
3. Gym or classes daily.

Other Goals -

1. 2 bread free days a week.
2. At least 1 long walk.
3. Record a weight loss on Friday!
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Hope ... They just called to confirm that it should be on Friday. I have to be there a half hour prior to the procedure for medication and the whole thing will take about an hour once they start. I also have to take anti-inflammatories starting on Wednesday by prescription.

I have such scarring in my uterus from an improperly placed IUD that I think it is causing all my menstrual problems. The biopsy I had done came back benign. So that is good news. I don't remember if I reported that back to y'all or not. Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones that has no more periods at all after this procedure though. ***fingers crossed***
Fingers crossed. It'll go quickly and be a great success. And no more Aunt Flo!
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Mike that guy sounds like an AH. Crazy.

Mern, I love your positive spin on things!
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Nobe, there's certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a day off from strict eating goals occasionally. Sounds like you burned an awful lot of calories with all that cleaning. Glad you enjoyed the pizza and barbecue. You did really great last week--give yourself credit for the spectacular amount of green in your reports, but it is nice to see the red disappear on Mondays.

April, your hard work on your health and fitness goals is really paying off with that 2.8 lb. loss last week! Lot of hard physical work on all the household chores you did, too.

Terrie, kudos on passing on the cake, soda, chips and cookies. Yeah, I'd be hard pressed to pass on a Heath Bar, too.

Hope, LOL on my GD buying Mike's car if she doesn't like the 1999 Dodge Neon that she may buy. My 2000 Mercury Sable isn't pretty, either, but it runs perfectly. I just noticed today that someone keyed the rear driver's side of my car. Amazes me what some people do for fun! Aw, thanks for filling me in more about your father-in-law's eye sight (and lady friend.) What a loving family he has--so lucky to have you and your DH. Be assured I'll keep him in my prayers.

Julie, first off, major kudos on dropping 23 lbs. since February 26. That is fabulous! Best wishes on your goals this week.

asaxygirl, welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you. What are your health and fitness goals?

frenchhen, great job last week! Wishing you a great week ahead.

Cassie, thanks for starting us off this week and for the reminder that taking good care of ourselves should be on our priority list. We'll give a shout-out if we don't see you around this busy week.

Gotta go pick up the grandkids. Will do more catch-up later. Cyberhugs to all.

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Alright, I was MIA last week, but I have excuses! I had to stay with my boyfriend because of a heating issue in my house. He doesn't have internet so I could post. Staying with my boyfriend also meant eating like a college guy, so I'm up 3 pounds. D: But I'm back!

I may not be able to post replies to much this week, as I have finals coming up, a busy work schedule, and no time to lose! But I will be reading as much as possible. I've come to notice water in almost everybody's goals and thought I'd add it to mine!

1) Under 1200 calories
2) 64 oz of water per day (in addition to water consumed during my workout)
3) Workout EVERY morning

1) Study
2) Study
3) Ace my biology oral defense
4) Finish ALL math homework
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Hope ... Thanks! I hope it goes fast too!

Mern ... Way to turn that comment into a positive!! I had to do the same last week with a comment. I was walking on lunch and a coworker walked with me from her car to the building. She asked what my goal was and I said I would know when I get there. Then she said "Aren't you done yet?" I just laughed at her and said no. My first instinct was negative as in ... "Geesh! It's been over a year. You could have done better than this!" But I chose to hear "You look so good that you could quit dieting now." Either way her opinion really isn't what matters to me but I chose to hear the positive.

Freshman ... Welcome back! Amazing the things some men can eat without gaining weight isn't it?

Mike ... Glad to hear that the guy didn't get a chance to flatten you. What a jerk!
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I'm in...but I think I'll be over my cals today because I'm trying to finish up all the leftovers from the party yesterday!!

1. Drink min 80oz of WATER!!
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! (seriously)!!
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri(at least)!!
4. Min 60 crunches/day!
5. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (knees)!
6. Calories below 1300/day!
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!

1. Take kids outside OR work on crafts min 1 hr/day (specified time: 10:30am)!!
2. Work on Mom's Scrapbook 1hr/day!

1. Sell it.
2. Weed garden.
3. Clean it.
4. Sell it.

Party went well...busy busy busy - This party mama is pooped - trying to drink lots of water to get some energy in me for my workout tonight!

Mike - not sure that 100 oz is going to work for me... I think my body likes the 80 oz... I've been pretty consistent - do you think the 20 oz is going to make a big difference?

Hope we have a great week everyone!!!
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Julie. Welcome and WELL DONE, what a start. Keep it up girl.

April. The things us ladies have to endure. Hope it all goes well for you and quickly and with minimal after effects.

Mern. You are so good at turning the negatives into positives, you are such a classy lady.

Mike. I was once run off the road by an a*****e in a truck. I had to mount a pavement to avoid being crushed. I got his number and some of my friends on the local police force made his life hell for months, stopping him constantly and checking everything, he was fined for lots of minor infringements and finally lost his licence when they caught him speeding.

I will post tomorrow as I am totally P****d off today.
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