7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 10/17/11

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNA! Hope you had a great day and rocked your exam. Have fun at the karaoke!

Cassie, sorry to hear about your incident, specially if its a first, hope you two are doing better now.

Mern, I didn't get all my water in but almost so I feel better about it. Thank you for your support.

Almeeker, the costumes sound great, I had to laugh at the showgirl with more material. Reminds me that I still need a costume. Congrats on getting your big girl panties and sticking to a plan... I need that today.

Mike, I am going to drop the wax talk because I am getting the weirdest Google ads to my right. And "I'm assuming that most everyone missed my video. I figured that I would have been ridiculed by now for wearing pink" What kind of girls do you think we are? Or maybe since we know you are waiting for comments...

Terri, you look FABULOUS! Love the hair and your boys look so happy to be near you! (Let me check who I know is born on July 24th)

Mhibdon, thanks for the encouragement, I just feel it gets harder and harder as the goal gets closer. And there are so many random activities these last months of the year its too easy to lose track. Poor doggie on the walks! You can try giving him some water and that should make him go for more.

Darn, that sounds painful but glad its better.

Tonja, hang in there, pizza and brownies are hard to resist anyday let alone a day you have not eaten too much. I have been fooled by TX weather before, not anymore though, if I go I go prepared.

Chibisub, congrats on you loss! A pound mid week!

Welcome JennyKam.

Luckygir15, hope you made it to the gym!

Jjeand, hope you have a better day today. I too have struggled Monday and Tuesday.

April, ugh I dislike birds in general so I support the ideas about the heron

Lizzie, trying to catch up is crazy. Good on your 30 mins!
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Originally Posted by taubele View Post

You look so uncomfortable in that WHOLE VIDEO, lol. You look rather fetching in pink, though! I would KILL to see you in the pink running shorts.

You forgot to say my name in the video and I am personally insulted (j/k of course)

In all seriousness, you're doing a wonderful thing for a great cause. Thank you
It's an awkward feeling being in front of a camera for a YouTube video, no matter what color you wear. Thanks though. I make you your own video. I also have a link that I wanted to sent you so PM me your email addy. I'm not going to spam you, just feel like posting it on FD.
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I made it to the gym for 1 hour and 10 minutes (friend was running late) and then came home and made an egg white omelet and a regular one for my healthy phobic husband!!!!!

Way to go Wednesday!!!
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Terri, You get your own video.
Thank You Terri - YouTube
I'm totally blushing!! You didn't have to do that. Thank you. I hope you have a great night, and I messaged you my e-mail address!
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Heading off to bed early to finish reading my book... and to avoid tearing in to the rest of that birthday cake like a starving dog.

Enjoy your night, all!


Trying to repeat last weeks success:

1. Calories between 1000-1200; LOG EVERYTHING! Allowing for Tuesday to be an exception. (Daughter's 18th birthday) I think so; hard to log. Over by a piece of cake. Yes

2. 90 oz. of water a day, no excuses. No, but close. No, they're chlorinating our water supply and it's awful!!! Yes, but it's still disgusting.

3. NO BREAD FOR ONE WEEK, which will force me to eat the things that I should be eating instead. Yes, 1 piece out to dinner, Yes

4. No butter, margarine, spreads... nothing. Yes, Yes, Yes

5. Take all vitamins and supplements; don't skip the big, nasty ones. Yes, Yes, Yes (I hate the big nasty ones.)

6. Quit making excuses for falling off the wagon, even on weekends. There are no excuses... you've just been lazy and undisciplined. Yes, Yes, Yes
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Happy Birthday, Joanna!

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy year ahead!
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So I finally went to the doctor today! Guess what?! I’m sick as $#!+
I thought that I was just being a baby about a seasonal cough… but apparently I have laryngitis, a sinus infection, and a chest infection. So now I’m on antibiotics, steroids, and cough syrup that has more warning labels than a child’s car-seat. The doc said that the meds would cause nausea, which I am not the biggest fan of, so I’m chewing on ginger to sooth my stomach that isn’t nauseated yet.. because that makes sense. Haha.
Had to be fancy for composite photos for the sorority today! I had forgotten how much I enjoy wearing makeup & jewelry. Probably going to make it a goal next week to plan my outfits & makeup the night before. Am going to take it easy for a few days, I only did 1 mile with Steg today, and I was feeling every step. I’d forgotten how much exhaustion hurts!

I do feel discouraged though, because completing my goals for the week will be hard when I’m so sick

Mike: Honey, don’t be so hard on yourself! We’re all just probably trying to figure out the best way to tell you that pink in SOOOOO your color without you tossing buckets! I know I am!

Almeeker: The human body is covered in hair, some are just smaller/finer than others. A prime example of this would be the face- there are tiny hairs covering the entire face, but only in certain parts does the hair grown thicker and/or a different color, such as the eyebrows. I hear you about the running shorts!! I always have to double bag it and wear compression shorts underneath my running shorts!

Everyone else: I’m sorry for not posting individual replies, my meds are finally kicking in & I’m going to bed before I end up sleeping on my computer. You’re all gorgeous & can do it!!!

Daily Goals for 10/17-10/24
1. Drink 3L: Yes, No, No,
2. Walk Stegosaurus 3 miles: Yes, 2, 1
3: 200 Situps: Yes, 100, 0
4: Take Vitamin: Yes, Yes, Yes
5: Stretch TWICE: Yes, Yes, No
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Don't feel discouraged. Just take the beast for a slow walk. Take care. Oh and pink is so not my color.
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Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
cough syrup that has more warning labels than a child’s car-seat.
Just in case you didn't know what that stuff really is 36 Mafia - Sippin' on Some Syrup - YouTube **NSFW** That video has more cursing than my videos.

Okay ladies, hump day has come and gone. It's now time to start looking ahead and planning for a successful weekend. We are all here for the 7 days, right? April has taken the bull by the horns and has some weekend goals listed. Who's in for some weekend goals?

Terri, you are too damn funny. Why are you blushing? I really felt bad, I still don't know how in the world I could have left you out, but some how I did.
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Quinn My friend is reading the same book that you are, she is really enjoying it. My favourite Stephen King book is the Talisman he co-wrote it with Peter Straub. I also like to read different styles of books but I am not too big on books that make me sad such as the one you are reading, I read the autobiography The Pianist last spring and it still makes me sad when I think about his life. The The Last Lecture sounds inspiring thanks for the tip.

Tonja Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Terri Your hair looked great I canít imagine having to take 83 bobby pins out of my hair.

Joanna Happy birthday.

April Your pond is awesome I would love a pond.

Mike The pink actually looks very nice. Amazing job on your donations you should be proud.

Mhibdon Hope you get well soon.

Hi everyone glad you all had a good day. The weather was supposed to be bad today but it wasnít so I took a cue from Cassie and Quinn laced up my runners and hiked with a friend around a lake it was 7.2 kilometers of beautiful fall scenery. I have been crazy busy since I got home so I quickly read the posts now its 10 and I need to crawl in bed or I wonít sleep again tonight, my son and his friends had me awake until 2am last night. Take care everyone have a great Thursday.

Do not talk diet with family: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y
Exercise daily: M=Circuit training, T= Circuit training, W=Hike
Squats daily: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y
Ab work daily: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y
Calories less than 1400: M= 1372, T=1282, W=1336
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week: M=-854, T= -737, W=-989
Clean something (not daily chores) everyday: M=Y, T=N, W=Y
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