7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 8/22

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) 1600 calories max, 1680, 1396
2) 64 oz water (I'm a water wimp), 56,40
3) walk/gym 3/4 x, long walk in forest, no
4) stretch -yes, yes
5) 4-5 fruits/veg- yes, yes
6) meditate- yes, yes
7) try to stay calm and centered- NO in a big way and I have a guilt hangover, can't seem to control those negative emotions, I get swept away, yes
8) serious writing minimum 2 hours daily- yeah, research but I'm scounting that as yes
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Frustrating day at work but good food day so far although I can hear the wine in the fridge calling me. I will not give in!
I laughed at the dysphasia examples as it took me back to when I worked in neurology and the words that some of the patients used when they actually meant something else, i was totally sympathetic to their plight but like all health professional sometimes you just had to laugh or you would not be able to carry on with your job.
However, I always knew when Mother Nature was arriving as I had word finding difficulties for around 4 days just beforehand. I struggled to remember everyday words and felt so stupid, like when a friend arrived and said there was a great smell coming from the kitchen and i told her proudly that I had a hysterectomy in the oven (it was a chicken). Since menopause it hasn't been so bad but if i get overtired it creeps back in.
Lord knows what it will be like as I get older.
Mum is pleased with her new wall, Halleluljah. The cat scarer arrives Sat and if that stops those pesky cats from doing their business in her front garden we could be in for a quiet spell.
It has been rainy and cold here for a few days so I logged in to check on the weather in California this morning and was distraught that it was only around 55-67F. Then I realised that it was only around 04:00am there and the forecast was for much much warmer. Good, i need to thaw out.
Laura, We are all different with different needs and the best thing that can happen to us is to be able to recognise those differences and embrace them. Somewhere there will be someone who feels as you do, may you find them and enjoy peace and happiness
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Lizzie...OMG I thought I was the only one who has issues before/during my cycle. I don't spurt out the wrong word but sometimes I have trouble finding my word. Almost like a stutter. I know what I want to say but it isn't there. I also get clumsy & dingy. I hate it and the symptoms and the flow have been much worse since my tubal ligation about 4 yrs ago. Sorry TMI!!
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You guys are cracking me up with the Mom things and the forgetfullness and the duct tape and rope for the scream pillow!

And I need to go workout, but I am so tired I can't imaging putting on my shoes right now!!! Ack!

I will go meet with CHalene, I will, I will. Or maybe I'll do funky dance one with the other BeachBody guy whos name I can't think of. Yeah. THat'll be different. Okay. Go put shoes on -- go, go, go.

See ya!
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Or you could do yoga in your bare feet... I often workout in bare feet, the elliptical is better without shoes and many of the workout videos I do can be shoeless as well.

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Mern, thanks for your post. About the food, I just meant that for the next two weeks I’ll literally have no money, once the rent and bills are paid, so going to have to live off the not-so good food in the house. Once I’m past the two weeks, it’s back to eating better for me!
Good luck with your blood sugar test today, I’m sure your work will show good results.

April, hope the pain in the butt cheek / hip goes away quickly, could you get a mat or something to kneel on when doing the weeding / planting?
Thanks for the kind words, I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since I found out there are others like me.

Brandismom, try talking to yourself. Not in a muttering-going-crazy kinda of way, but like a rational adult talking to the child. “Yes, I can do that, however if I do it, here are the consequences…” that way you’re re-enforcing why you’re eating properly. Just like you said, “I need a weight loss parent”, well you’ve got one – you!

Cassie, believe me, I’ve been thinking about me for a long time now, but only just thought “hey, use the internet!”. I can be a bit slow sometimes.
Reading back through posts I’m sorry to hear about your motivational slump. Seeing as how I’ve been in one for over a month now, I know I’m only starting off slow, because I know me, and if I run back into it head-first, within a week I’ll be running the other way.
Good luck with it, I’m sure you’ll come out with your head held up soon.

Mike, you’re right, that is a ski ramp! See how it’s down, down, down, down? With one little “up”, I wouldn’t be concerned, given the general trend.

Lizzie, thank you for the kind words. Even if I don’t find someone in a year, I don’t care, because now there’s hope. Before it was like, “I’ll never find someone, because I’m a freak and no one would stay with me if I can’t give them what they need”, but now I know that not everyone needs it, so like I said, there’s hope. Only wish I knew there was a word for it (and a great online community for it) years ago!
And good work on not listening to the wine!

Ugh, got home yesterday, watched on episode of Numb3rs, and went to bed. So good deficit yesterday, haha, the only calories in were three coffees. I will eat today, and will do my 30 minutes!

Oh, quick edit, I'll 'second' the barefoot! Much prefered, mainly because I hate how hot my feet get when excersizing, and the sweatyness... just ew!

  • 5 bottles of water a day. Y
  • 30mins exercise a day. N
  • Limit food. Y
  • Cut back smokes. Y
  • Keep the house clean. Y
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Checking in early as I had an early supper. I'll have to be careful not to slip up later. Got through the grocery shopping without a major melt-down. (Mom or me...) And for the first time in awhile, I got out of her house without indulging in any of the yummy, unhealthy goodies that she stocks up on weekly. So, here is my day so far although Cassie's granola bars are on the counter and they look pretty tasty!

1. Calories around 1200. 1193/997/1027
2. Walk nightly, weather permitting. No time tonight/Yes/not yet
3. 64-96 oz. of water a day. Yes/Yes/Yes
4. NO BREAD FOR ONE WEEK! Yes/Had a veggie sub for supper/Yes
5. Grade your food choices for the day... be honest! B/A-/A
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Laura, oh, I totally misunderstood about the healthful food. I got it now. That's good.

Mike, sometimes my rose colored glasses camouflage the less desirable reality. But it THIS case, the congrats on your scale are well-deserved.

About BIDIA--I had thought on the way back from the Y today about making myself do and then post "my daily BIDIA" but then I had second thoughts. I want to enjoy my food and exercise lifestyle, so don't want to include a BIDIA as a daily dread. So I will post a BIDIA when it's something that was truly difficult for me, not something like "well, I don't feel like exercising right now but I'll do it now and get it over with." Things like Amy avoiding the snacking after having been awakened several times or Brandismom Ang walking an extra 20 minutes or her BIG2DIA (but I'm GOING 2 DO IT ANYWAY) of curbing food intake at dinner with friends or working out with Chalene are things I'd consider BIDIA worthy for myself.

I think you people are freakin' NUTS for taking pleasure in being a little sore from exercise--even as a reminder that you did well using muscles you don't normally exercise much. I've got enough PITAs that I don't want any more. LOL

Almeeker, my Mom stripped off all her clothes several times when in nursing home due to dementia. The women patients would scream and the men would laugh. The nurses and aides were probably tempted to use duct tape and a rope on her.

Hope, I've read that not everyone needs 64 oz. of water per day. You did great yesterday except for your number 7. Wishing you more calm. Big hug to ya.

Lizzie, your hysterectomy in the oven gave me a good chuckle. I couldn't find my cup of coffee yesterday that I was going to reheat in the microwave--because I had put it in the FREEZER.

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Quinn, great job today!

I finished dinner early, too, but saved room for a one carb protein shake later and I think, although I'm doing only 12 carbs today, I may have room for one piece of my sugar free dark chocolate.
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Originally Posted by brandismom1990 View Post
I will go meet with CHalene, I will, I will. Or maybe I'll do funky dance one with the other BeachBody guy whos name I can't think of. Yeah. THat'll be different. Okay. Go put shoes on -- go, go, go.

See ya!
Tony Horton or Shaun T?
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