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awesome job, Mike!!!!!

I had another binge today. Again, it was in my car! I must think of that place as my safe zone or something. I would be better off if I always HAD to eat in front of others, then I wouldn't eat as much. So I ate half a box of raw cookie dough. yumm! I hope I get salmonella so that the cals drop out of me. kidding, i know that would really be much worse than gaining a pound.
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damn a half a box of raw cookie dough??? That's awesome! That sounds like something I'd do. Time for me to work out.
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I already did 1 random act of kindness today and it felt great.
You da man, Mike. Restores my faith in humanity to know one of the good guys.

Originally Posted by blackrhino2 View Post
I had another binge today. Again, it was in my car! I must think of that place as my safe zone or something. I would be better off if I always HAD to eat in front of others, then I wouldn't eat as much. So I ate half a box of raw cookie dough. yumm! I hope I get salmonella so that the cals drop out of me. kidding, i know that would really be much worse than gaining a pound.
Julia, maybe try making yourself watch in your car mirror while you eat? I've heard that when people watch themselves eating, they eat less. Maybe it has the power to stop a binge in its tracks? Oh, unless you're driving; then I wouldn't recommend it. Put the stuff in your trunk instead!
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Health & Fitness
1) Gal. of water a day yes
2) workout 6 days yes
3) 1000+ cals deficient for the week -172
4) eat clean yes
5) only 1 cheat meal no

Non Health and Fitness
6) do Business drop-ins 1x no
7) make money no
8) do 3 random acts of kindness yes

Cassie, thanks... see not all insurance agents are like a used car salesman.

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Check In:

1. Calories 250 deficient per day (adjust after weigh-in on Wed. if necessary). Yes
2. Balance macros, fiber, and ratio of good:bad fats. Yes
3. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. No
4. Drink at least two big blue bottles of water daily. Yes

5. Pay attention to posture. Yes
6. Smile more, bitch less (it's contagious ). Yes
7. Be more diligent about skin care (sunscreen, yes, but there's more I should be doing). Yes
8. Straighten and put things away before bed. (I hate waking up to a disheveled house, but it gets so crazy in the afternoons and evenings. If I can do this, I will be in a much better mood in the mornings!). Yes
9. Do shade garden by end of weekend.

Today was good. Got my work goals accomplished, volunteered at school setting up the book fair, cooked a great stir fry, lifted weights, and had some time to myself. The stars don't often align that way; I'll take it!
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hi all,
I exercised much more this week, and I see my energy levels going up, am all smiley and happy and i lost 1lb. Not bad

Mike, good job man I totally love people who are good in what they do ( whatever it is they are doing)
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Cassie, congrats on your stellar alignment! I love days like that. I keep thinking about your post where you said you rocked 14 things off your to-do list. I sooooo very need a day like that! I picked up a copy of Bob Harper's Inside Out Yoga last week, and managed to work up the nerve to attempt it this morning. Well, I was able to do maybe 90-95% of the moves, and Bob did not kick my butt completely, he just tied me in a knot and laughed his goofy guffaw at me. And here I thought the Cardio one was sadistic. What is up with that pose where you clasp your hands together under your leg in Warrior I and then stand up and lift your leg to the ceiling? OMG, I can't even touch my hands together under there, let alone stand up and get a leg off the ground.

Mike, you're very sweet to help out a complete stranger like that. Have you ever seen "The Incredibles"? You're the real life version of Mr. Incredible's mild mannered alter-ego Bob Parr. I'm thinking you need a new outfit for work, very tight and very red. Wadda ya think? You know my grandmother died from a similar series of events, I wonder if I should have that same conversation with my dad? Of course grans was almost 90, so maybe she didn't have that sort of insurance.

Julia, I can honestly say of all the millions of calories I've eaten in my car, cookie dough has never been part of that. That combination has "very bad habit" written all over it. OY!!! Love that stuff! One thing that always helps me not eat in the car is to clean it, really well inside and out, because then I don't want to ruin the effort with crumbs and wrappers. Another thing I do to keep myself from lapping the drive-thru is to put my purse where I can't reach it easily, like in the far back storage well (I drive a cross-over so there isn't a trunk). And when I have no other option besides eating in the car I try and pack it ahead.

Welcome aboard traceymc, this is a great thread, we start it fresh every week. It's a good place to check in for accountability, motivation, tears, cheers, etc. I was trying to remember if you were the one that started the original thread? It was someone from the 100+ ladies thread, but I can't seem to recall who.

Quinn, I so hear you on the school-taking-over-the-evening-fam-time thing. It's been like that for us since soccer started. We have at least one child playing a soccer game or going to practice M-T-W-Th & S, every week for all of April and May. The weather has not cooperated and now we'll be playing make-up games into June. Swim Club starts May 13. Save me from student athletes.

jjeand, I'm totally cracking up over your post, it's like shorthand-mom-speak. It made perfect sense to me though. Good luck this week, looks like a typical busy-nutty mom schedule.

Mern, good luck on your goals. So how's your Richard workout coming along? I can't wait until you get to P90X, I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with you. LOL, now wouldn't that make your DH huffy? You might want to get him used to the idea of having a chin up bar in the living room.

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Good Morning!

This week looks to be busy but in control... at least so far. lol Lots of year end activities going on (banquets, awards ceremonies, track meets, concerts...) Far too many after-event "socials" complete with cake, bars, ice cream, etc. Oh well.

The @#$%& dress made it through Prom without any "wardrobe malfunctions"... at least none that could be seen... LOL

I would say I'll be glad when school comes to an end, but then we have to get the college apps out. So, I'm afraid my summer is going to be more of the same.

On a bright note, the weather is going to be sunny and warm for the next week, so I'm really looking forward to getting outside to get some hiking in. Everything is so far behind this year... our trees are just beginning to bud. No spring flowers yet... nothing. Hard to think shorts and tank tops when you're still wearing a winter coat!

Food and Fitness:

*Multi-vitamin daily. Y
*1200-1400 calories, max... no excuses. 1397
*Log everything. Y
*Walk as schedule permits. No time.
*No bread, cheese, or cereal. Fail.

Personal Junk:

*Live each day with the strength of a woman; not the whining of a child. Y
*No emotional eating allowed! Time to pull up my "big girl" panties and move on. Y
*Schedule at least one day of things that I want to do; not things that I have to do.
Looking at Wednesday.
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Lindsey: Sorry for the news - at least they did get back to you. I know you'll just take it as motivation and turn it into positive energy - let all those negative emotions out and focus on YOU, and good things will happen!

Mary: It's a new week! We're here for you! You've done great Jan-May, definitely be proud of yourself!

Cassie: Sorry to hear about all the travel for hubby, but I'm glad that you will still get a little couples' time - as usual, you're going to make the best of what you have!! And ooooh, shopping! I hear you on fashion sense since I have none either, but I bet you'll surprise yourself, especially since you'll have all that lovely relaxing time to just do and buy what you like. Also, you rocked your goals, awesome job!

jj: Wow, you sound like a busy Mom this week! Remember to take time for you!!

tracy: Welcome back! Every new day is a new beginning. I hope you had a lovely time with your son's b-day and stuck with your plans and goals (and if not, that's ok too!)

Cybervox: Hang in there! I hope you get some good rest, sorry about the nutty work schedule

almeeker: Sounds like you had a pretty good start to the week, congrats!

Julia: Mmmm...cookie dough! I'm going to go ahead and hope you DON'T get salmonella poisoning to balance out your wishes... I think Cassie has a great idea, watch yourself eating in the mirror? Can't hurt. I totally feel like my car is a safe/private zone too, and I definitely did binge before in it, parked in the far corner of the parking lot where others couldnt' see me >.>

Mike: Your report looks great too, and your random act of kindness made me tear up big-time reading it. You're a great guy to do that, and I hope it works out for that caller!!

Monday Report Card

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Achieve a 7,000 calorie deficit by the end of the week M: -437 (Week Total: -437)
2) Do not take off two days in a row from exercising. M: Day off (back pain)
3) Achieve a 30% protein average for the week M: 20% (Weekly Average: 20%)
4) Carbs at or below 50% average for the week M: 38% (Weekly Average: 38%)
5) Protein powder after every workout in a smoothie M: N/A
6) At least 104 oz. water daily M: I think so
7) Report here each and every day M: Day after
8) Eat out/take out no more than twice for lunch and once for dinner M: Pizza lunch, restaurant dinner (Total 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner)

Other Life Stuff:
1) Handle stress directly and appropriately M: No real stress
2) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: Yes x 2!
3) Work on my embroidery for at least five hours M: No
4) "Smile more, bitch less" M: All smiles!
5) Try two new recipes M: No

I think I handled my day pretty well yesterday, considering it was all-celebration, all-day. Celebratory lunches and dinners are difficult ground - I ended up having 2 slices of pizza and a sliver of key lime pie at lunchtime, and then out to dinner.

Then, I got some extra and unexpected motivation...last night I put on a dress for dinner that I have not fit into in FOUR YEARS. And it FIT! It was perhaps ever-so-slightly tight around the middle, but it definitely fit just fine, and a couple of more pounds and it would have been perfect (Size 14 - I started in January as a Size 18/20)!!!!! It was a great morale-booster for the dinner to remind me WHY I am doing this.

My plan of attack for the dinner was to 1) Avoid Appetizers and 2) Eat a light meal, as I'd had a heavy lunch. I had a handful of Special K cracker-chip things to tide me over before we went (I wish I liked nuts... a handful of nuts would have been good!) and then focused on those two goals....I mostly-succeeded. Unfortunately, the place we went to had the SLOWEST SERVICE IN THE WORLD (I looked at my phone, it was 45 minutes between when we put in appetizer orders and when the apps came out...and then another 35 until the entree, yeesh!) and by the time the apps got to the table, I was famished. I actually excused myself and went to the bathroom because I could feel my arms reaching out to grab at dumplings, and fried wonton things, and tempura-battered shrimp and zucchini -- you get the idea, haha!

By the time I got back, people were mostly digging into the appetizers and there wasn't much left on the serving platters, so I felt like I dodged a bullet. Then my BF nudged over a plate to show me he had saved me some crab rangoon - which is crab and cream cheese inside a fried wonton shell. One of my old favorites. I did end up eating it to be polite and because he insisted I should "have some fun" but I only ate the one, so that's some small relief.

For dinner I had a salad with some great fresh veggies - cucumber, asparagus, raddachio, cherry tomatoes, dark leafy greens - and it also had pan-seared scallops nestled inside of it for some protein. Scallops aren't as good as shrimp in terms of calories, I know, but I hadn't had them in so long, and I wanted to give myself a little protein variety. I love seafood.

They were delicious. I ended up eating about 2/3 of the greens because the bottom of the bowl was drowned in dressing and it was too tart for me -- forgot to ask for dressing on the side! D'oh! I'm usually good about that. I blame the slow service and my appetite!

I did my best guesstimate on calories, because I'm not sure what was in the salad dressing, though I'm certain it was some sort of vinigarette. Also, for the crab rangoon I grabbed some info off of another site for a similar restaurant, but I don't know how accurate it is, so yesterday is a guesstimation day. I'm CERTAIN I didn't go over-calorie, so I will count it as a win, and back on-track today for a lean-cal day!

Also, my back is feeling about 50% better, so I will probably do some form of exercise tonight for maybe a half hour -- I don't want to overdo it, but I don't want to lose my exercise rhythm...because when I skip, I quickly lose the workout motivation mojo. I'm thinking stationary bike with a back on the seat so I don't have to lean over...There is one (and only one) at the gym - hopefully I can score it!


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You're smart not to push when you have a back injury. Spinal injuries can be very deceiving. Limit any impact or jarring movements, but continue with things like walking, stretching and yoga. (I've learned the hard way, thinking that I could "muscle through" such injuries.)


My husband and I looked at some baby chicks on Sunday! Man, they were so cute. I'm starting to think smaller, to start. Maybe quail or something like that... and just a couple.


I sure wish my insurance company would take some lessons from you. I've had trouble with claims with home, auto and health. I've found that auto insurance is great until you have a personal injury claim. Then they can be pretty darn cold-hearted. Your clients are lucky to have you looking out for them. It will bring you great rewards in the future.


Your #8, regarding straightening before bed, is something that I'm really disciplined about, even when my kids were small. I can't stand waking up to any kind of mess or things out of order in the morning. (Of course, then my husband and daughter get ready in the morning and it looks like a tornado hit their bathrooms! ) I think I'm a little OCD, though... lol. Even when I go somewhere, I'll walk through the house quickly to make sure that everything is straight and put away. I once had to get rid of an oriental rug because it had fringe that drove me nuts... LOL.


I thought that I dodged the bullet this year with my daughter working instead of playing soccer, but then she joined track!!! UGH!!! I was SO close to being done!!!

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