7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 5/2/11

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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 5/2/11

Health & Fitness Goals:

1. Eat clean and kept calories 1,350-1,600, 50 push-ups for days I'm over.
2. Drink 96 oz of water.
3. Exercise 6 hours.
4. Calorie deficit of 3,500 for the week.
5. Carbs 45% or lower, Protein 30% or higher.
6. Log food and report every day even weekends.
7. Grain free 3 days.

Non-Fitness Goals:

8. Make DD a costume for Thursday's performance.
9. Call the autobody place and set up appointment.
10. Call my doctor's office and work out the prescription problem.
11. Smile more, bitch less and (stealing from Crimpet) instantly drop into a 2 minute plank for infractions.
12. 1 hour of cleaning in the basement.
13. Finish weeding/mulching at least 2 of the flower beds.
14. Housework:
Monday: down-stairs bathroom, up-stairs bathroom, laundry
Tuesday: kitchen, stairwell, hall, laundry
Wednesday living room, bedroom, laundry
Thursday dining room, bedroom, laundry
Friday den, master bedroom, laundry
Saturday, front porch, basement, laundry
Sunday, Mother's Day not doing a darned thing I don't want to.

I'm off to a good start this morning, got in a workout and a big jug of water and I may even have enough time to take a shower. Youngest DD has Kindergarten assessment this morning, and so far she's being a real brat about getting up and getting ready.
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Good Monday Morning!

Saturday was a bad day for me, food-wise. Seemed to pull it together on Sunday. Once again, my eating was clean, just too darn much of it. Haven't hit the scale, but I feel a little "thick".

Another busy week ahead with school events that are planned over evening meals. (Why, oh why, do they have to do this???) Then they wonder why parents rely on drive-thrus.

A much stricter week for me... Doctor's weigh-in at the end of the month.

Food and Fitness:

*Multi-vitamin daily.
*1200-1400 calories, max... no excuses.
*Log everything.
*Walk as schedule permits.
*No bread, cheese, or cereal.

Personal Junk:

*Live each day with the strength of a woman; not the whining of a child.
*No emotional eating allowed! Time to pull up my "big girl" panties and move on.
*Schedule at least one day of things that I want to do; not things that I have to do.
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1. Start each day with yoga and 10 minute Carb Killer workout (Love netflix!!!).
2. Water, water and more water....3 liters a day!
3. Work up to 20 minutes on eliptical machine by end of week.
4. Increase treadmill speed to 4mph with at least 5% incline for 30 minutes.
5. Make it to at least one fitness class during the week.
6. Focus less on weight and more on the inches being lost.
7. Keep the house clean--with two kids under 5 and less than a 1k sq ft, it's a battle.....
8. Stay caught up on laundry.
9. Be more patient.
10. Take ten minutes of personal quiet time every single day.
11. Work on eliminating negative people in my life.
12. End the day with yoga.
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After a very busy weekend I weighed in today to find myself down to 186.6 - a new low and about a pound and half off from last Monday. I'll take it, considering the scale was bouncing up and down on me there for a week! So close to 185 and the 30-lb. milestone!!! Unfortunately, I've hurt my back somehow (it feels tight, makes me wish I had a muscle relaxer) so no exercise for me today as planned. I'll do some stretching tonight.

Today is going to be a bad food day in general - there's going to be pizza, cheesecake, key lime pie, and going out for dinner tonight due to two simultaneous parties for labmates. I'm going to try to keep the sweets to a minimum (maybe have a small slice of the pie) and save up my calories for dinner! We'll see how I do, oh boy....

My goals aren't changing much at all from last week. It's working, I won't fix it until it's broke!

Weekly Goals

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Achieve a 7,000 calorie deficit by the end of the week
2) Do not take off two days in a row from exercising.
3) Achieve a 30% protein average for the week
4) Carbs at or below 50% average for the week
5) Protein powder after every workout in a smoothie
6) At least 104 oz. water daily
7) Report here each and every day
8) Eat out/take out no more than twice for lunch and once for dinner

Other Life Stuff:
1) Handle stress directly and appropriately
2) Make an effort on my appearance every day
3) Work on my embroidery for at least five hours
4) "Smile more, bitch less"
5) Try two new recipes

Good luck this week everyone, and happy May!

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OK, I'm going to apologize in advance, but the previous 2 weeks have been really bad in terms of health/fitness goals, and I've been really riled up by someother comments this morning, so here's my Monday morning rant and cry for help....

So, back-track to April 15th-ish...I was all on board with the "sign in and post over the weekend" challenge, and had had a pretty good week, all things considered. Then Saturday morning, we got news that bf's grandpa had passed away, and also that bf's family cabin was flooding, and we needed to go home. So, we packed ourselves into the car and went. We had already planned to go home for Easter, but this added about 5 days onto our trip. Problems?: #1 - McDonalds on the drive to home, because it's the most accessible roadside option...#2 - since they weren't doing a full funeral service, they instead planned a family gathering at home...which meant they needed food...which meant that I was requested to bake...which led to eating a lot of cookie dough and cookies all week. #3 - it was Easter as well as mine and bf's there was Birthday cake and Easter treats to be had.... I tried to work out at bf's parents' home gym...but only made it twice, which was not enough to negate all the garbage I ate. I came home about 3 lbs heavier.

Week #2: I only got one day back at work before I had to fly off to a conference. I had to go WAAAAY east, so my internal clock was (and still somewhat is) very screwed up. And of course, you get the standard conference food with that - continental breakfast (which is OK) and wraps/sandwiches, etc. for making good choices was only so-so, simply because you don't know what's in the food, portions, etc. Dinners were on my own, and on the Atlantic coast you HAVE to have seafood, so I indulged in lobster and fish a lot. No problems there - pretty healthy actually. The problem? - I decided it was also a good idea to indulge in other ways: dessert and snacks. Saturday, I came home another pound or so heavier.

And this morning, what a gem. For anyone who was following my story from way back, I am a former professional cheerleader, and had recently tried out for a team in my new home city. I didn't make it, and requested that they provide me some feedback as to why. They dodged my question for weeks, but finally, after I had left them alone and assumed they weren't going to respond...they did. But I wish they hadn't. The reasons they provided me were completely illegitimate, and are just a cover-up for what they legally can't say: they thought I looked too heavy. They spun me some story about not smiling enough, needing to work on my cardio, and not being quick enough to learn the choreography - maybe I should take some more class? Yeah, right. I'm a former professional dancer and teacher, I take class several times a week as it is, I work on my cardio every day (minus the past 2 weeks, hah!)...what a lame story to tell me.

So...I'm beginning this week up a bunch - almost 5 lbs to be exact - from where I left off, and in a bad mood to boot. Might have to take up kickboxing or something tonight, just to pretend that I'm doing some real physical damage to these ridiculous people....ha! And, if you have followed all the way through this rant...thanks! - it was more just to get it all out e-verbally than to have anyone sympathize with me, but maybe it was an entertaining story too?!

Goals for the week:
#1 - log all foods every day - since I've been away from Fitday for 2 weeks, this should be a challenge enough
#2 - follow my nutritionist's advice. The consult I had mentioned before went quite well, and the biggest/easiest tip I took away in terms of food was 1 thing from each food group for each meal.
#3 - WATER!!!!! - 2 big blue bottles every day.
#4 - get back in the gym! 5x this week.

Non-fitness goals:
#1 - catch up on work email...sigh.
#2 - smile more, bitch less - I know this has been on other people's goal lists for awhile, and I have never felt I needed it...but I do this week! We'll start here! -
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I'm back after a week of goofing off. Putting off assessing the damages till after tomorrow's weight in. I need to get right back into fitness and feel motivated.

i set a new longer term goal today as the one I had set was for May 1st. Didn't reach it but still pleased with Jan to May results. My new goal is 150 by October 1st. I figure that will match up with my 10 percent challanges.

This week I plan to increase my activity

Y 3 times, get my bike out, do my morning Sauna and yoga faithfully

food -- stay at 1500 but increase % of protein

Water -- have my two 5 gallon cooler jugs in the car to fill

green tea - 6 cups a day

Hopefully last week will be gone by friday. Feeling great despite the lapse. did keep active, just a bit too much food and alcohol. Mary
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Happy Monday, everyone!

Almeeker, thanks for starting us off. Hope you are settling in after your crazy Saturday.

Quinn, I'm sure you'll pull it back together; glad yesterday was a good start. I have the worst times on Saturdays, too. I hear what you are saying about the events. We (or at least my son) are out every night this week. I tried to sit down and plan menus with fast leftovers, though we will probably have to resort to one trip to Subway. For the past 10 days, and for the next nine, it is absolute crunch time here...then he is off on the Disney trip. It's only finals after that. Drama queens have nothing on my Drama King.

Kayvery007, welcome to our thread. You'll enjoy it. We're a little wacky, but harmless.

Terri, be strong today. Choose the hills you're willing to die on, don't show up hungry, and don't be so strict it backfires. Just use all that common sense you have a ton of. Feel better soon!

Lindsey, sorry about how you've been hammered lately. Do your best to put it behind you and you'll be successful this week, I'm sure. Hang in there and vent all you need to.

Mary, we're all about motivation. Keep checking in, do what you gotta do. I'm glad you're feeling great. Be strong!
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Well, my big disappointment for the week was learning that we can't go on our couple's trip to Savannah as planned. Hubs learned he has to travel for work that week...and probably most of the weeks in May and June . They are closing the FL office and it's in shambles, so he has to get it locked and loaded. He'll be home on weekends, then fly back out Mondays. Color me displeased. However, I'm thankful he's working again, so I can't get too upset.

Instead of going away, we've planned a day hike for one day and a nice dinner out plus a trip to the farmer's market the following day. It's not what I expected we would do, but it's all good.

The cool part is that I will have some time completely to myself. That NEVER happens. I am going to dip into my hoarded gift cards and get a massage, then go shopping for as long as it takes to pick through clearance racks and try everything on, with no one texting me to see when I'll be home, if a friend can come over, or what's for dinner. If I had any fashion sense, this would be more fun; I'm a little intimidated so I need to have a plan to replenish the wardrobe, since after donating so many clothes over the year, I'm down to half a closetful and a small dresser.
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728
Drama queens have nothing on my Drama King.
Maybe so, but I'm willing to put it to the test and swap out middle DD for a week with the Drama King, you might change you mind after that, especially considering she's only one of the trio. Oy, this morning was a difficult Monday. The DD's didn't get near enough rest over the weekend, and they are not typically nice people in the morning anyway. I'm thinking that I'm going to keep ice cream in the house again, and wake the DD's up by shoveling a tablespoon of it into them before their eyes are fully open. Just wait til their grown and have to explain that one to their therapists!!! Yikes.

One thing I can guarantee is that she eats less than the Drama King, so you would at a minimum save on groceries, and she doesn't know how to text.

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Originally Posted by cjohnson728
Happy Monday, everyone!

Terri, be strong today. Choose the hills you're willing to die on, don't show up hungry, and don't be so strict it backfires. Just use all that common sense you have a ton of. Feel better soon!
Thanks Cassie I'll remember that part about the hills!

For lunch, I ended up having 2 slices of cheese pizza and a small slice of key lime pie. I was able to look up the menu for dinner tonight, and they do have some grilled fish options with steamed broccoli (of course, the most expensive things on the menu, unless I want sesame chicken with stir-fried veggies...) - so I decided that having a little indulgence at lunch would satisfy me, especially if others try to go for dessert at dinner. I do better with lunch being my largest/most indulgent meal rather than dinner, and I won't feel deprived when others start digging in.

Resisting the appetizer will probably be the hardest part for me, but I know I can do it. I figure if I end today around 1500-1600 calories, I did well.
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