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well I think that I am on a roll I have been loseing weight at such a fast rate I lost 2 pounds last week and every time I step on the scale I am going down, right now I am at the lowest weight in 10 years. my goal is to just keep doing what I am doing.
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rhoda ~ that's awesome you go girl.
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Originally Posted by staceyalberta View Post
julia ~ thighs may have more flavour, but i actually like the breasts better...lol...go figure.
Hmm...one of those statements best NOT taken out of context!

rhoda, great job! You've figured it out; congrats and keep it up!
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Well I was going to reply last night, but got busy at work and then was so tired once I got home I could barely keep my eyes open!!

I did read through everyone’s posts though, and have LOTS to say! Lol

Crimpet – Good luck kicking butt this week! I decided I was really going to buckle down and hold myself accountable, and once I did that I started dropping pounds left and right!

Cassie – Ziplining sounds like a GREAT time! And a workout too! I have never been, you’ll have to let us know what you think of it.

Taubele – Interesting that you say you do better when you fluctuate from day to day. Have you ever heard of the Wendie Plan – it is more geared towards people on the Weight Watchers Points plan, but it talks about how you can lose more weight by fluctuating from day to day. Start out lower, go up, then go back down. Interesting reading for sure, here is the link: The Wendie Plan

Sandi – Good luck on the last 1/2# this week, I think you can get there this week!

Mern – Every little bit counts, so 1/2 a pound is something to be excited about, heck, I am excited when I go down .2 or something even – lol! It’s the small steps that get us to where we want to be!

Stacey – Hope your son is feeling better from his flu-like stuff. I can’t say that, that sounds like any fun! I also wanted to say about yesterday, way to go on doing your strength training already in the morning – I really really need to do this, just get up out of bed and workout or something because my work schedule lately seems unpredictable and I’ve been getting home anywhere from 12:30am – 2am, so working out really doesn’t seem appealing when all I want to do is go to bed.

Mike – You are NOT kidding about puppy teeth! I just got a puppy, and he is definitely in the chewy/biting phase. I keep having to redirect him, but he LOVES the stuff that is “off-limits” of course! I do love dogs though, so I know eventually this will all be over soon enough.

Quinn – hopefully you can get yourself acclimated to more and more dogs! Most of them are really awesome, although I think some dogs could use some training –Random Storytime: My dog, Stella, used to bark at strangers, but really she is just a love bug. I have had to work REALLY hard with her to get her to not bark at strangers, and she’s not 100% yet but definitely much improved. My main concern was people who are afraid of dogs thinking that she is mean (she’s an English bulldog, and I have found people often assume she’s a meanie dog because she is a “bull” breed) – and I hated trying to convince someone that even though she was barking, she is actually a really great dog. It has definitely taken a lot of my time and effort to correct her barking, but I think it is worth it if I can prevent her from barking and from you dropping to your knees and crying and from me feeling like an idiot trying to explain that my dog is actually nice even though she is barking!

Oh, and I like the t-shirt idea
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I know. It's just so silly. I seriously have no other fears but this one. I could jump out of a plane, stand on the edge of a cliff, be covered in spiders or snakes, whatever... I'd be fine. But, put me in the same room as a growling dog and I'm a sniveling mess. I've done serious damage to my husband's hand, squeezing it, when we've come upon loose dogs on walks. I just kind of freeze and shut my eyes and grab onto him until it's gone. I will conquer this this summer. My son has a Bassett Hound and it's just too dopey looking to be scared of, so I'm getting better. I'll find a little "walking buddy" and we'll do each other a favor. My trail walks are 3-5 miles so I have a lot to offer a sweetheart stuck in a cage all day.
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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
I know. It's just so silly.
I don't think it is silly at all! I think dogs can be scary! Hell, I love dogs (have 3 of them now with the puppy), but some of them scare even me! That makes me laugh about your son's bassett hound - they are rather dopey looking, aren't they? Ha ha!

I think it sounds great though that you are wanting to overcome this, AND are willing give some great dog a long walk! I'll be cheering you on - I'll bet you the dogs will love it too! A chance to get out and explore
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Been busy in training again today. I didn't get to read anything and have to run now.

Health & Fitness Goals:

1) Log food and report every day even weekends yes
2) work out 3 times-strength no
3) Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. (use my own dog ) no
4) forget the pie chart yes
5) take magnesium supplements yes
6) Feel good about the progress I've already made and not get upset if I have a setback! yes
7) Water (128oz/day) yes
8) Don't eat out yes
9) 3 days 5 minute Jump Rope no
10) 5 fruits/veggies daily yes
11) Protein powder after every workout - in a smoothie!

Non Health & Fitness Goals:
1) Smile more, bitch less NO
2) Reconnect with old friends (great opportunity since i've run into 3 or 4 lately!) no
3) make some money no
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My goals, and updates for Monday & Tuesday:

Health/Fitness Goals:
1. Eat between 1200-1500 cals/Day 1444, 1246
2. Get at least 7 hrs of sleep/night Yes, Not sure yet but I’m hopeful!
3. Consume 100oz. of Water/Day Yes, Yes
4. Take Fish Oil & Rosehip Supplements RH-N FO-N, RH-Y FO-Not yet
5. Exercise with EA Active for Playstation 3x/Week (Tues, Thurs, and Sat) May switch to P90X instead for now, I REALLY want to get started on that
6. Limit myself to 1 Diet Coke/Day Yes, Yes – soon I want to decrease the quantity since I am getting used to only having one!

Other Life Goals:
1. Make Decision, and Order Wedding Invitations this week! Not Yet
2. Start prepping living room to be painted Not Yet
3. Work on planting Hostas in the Back, and spreading mulch Started on Monday, will try to continue tomorrow assuming the weather is nice!
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Jen, thanks for your encouragement. You're doing great on your food goals and water! Like you, I'm trying to limit the diet soda. I hate water with my meals--to me, it dilutes the taste of the food. Yesterday I had unsweetened green tea (iced) and I quite enjoyed my meal with it.

Tuesday report:

Calorie limit 1600 1178 1771
Calorie deficit (includes exercise) goal 1037 1469, 876
Carbs less fiber limit 25g 24g 26.7g
Protein target 120g 111.6g 138.3g
Limit sugar free candy to 2 pieces per day 0, 2
Limit additional artificial sweetener to 2 packets per day 2, 2
Limit diet soda to one every other day 0, 0

Water 64 oz. per day Yes Yes

Exercise 1/2 hour 6 days Yes Yes

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After spring cleaning, vacuuming and getting the oil changed on one of my cars yesterday, I made a 5 minute stop at a store and returned to my car to find $1100 worth of damage. So, it's now clean, shiny and dented. sigh... So, my list didn't advance very far yesterday. Today my day will be spent with insurance agents, repair shops and at the police station to pick up my police report. UUUGGGHHH!!!! (But if you only look at one side of the car, it looks awesome! LOL


* Forget the pie chart for one week and keep calories to a "clean" 1400 or less. (This worked really well for me last week.) yes, yes
* Hike (heavy pack) twice this week, weather permitting. (Remember cleated hikers- it's mucky since the last storm.) Nope. 40 mph winds and sleet yesterday. No.
* Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. (Hmmm....I need to borrow a dog... ) Got a quick one in. No.
* 100 oz. of water daily, minimum. Yes. Yes.

* Finish bead work on Prom dress. No. (I really hate sewing!) No.
* Spring clean all bathrooms. No. No.
* Spring clean 3 vehicles. One done. One step forward, ten steps back on this one.
* Smile more... bitch less. (Simple and to the point! ) Without kids, I have nothing to bitch about. Tuesday, I found something to bitch about.

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