7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 4/4/11

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MakerBabe: Congrats on the first five pounds! Feels great, doesn't it? You're gonna make it through this transitional time, sounds like you're already on the right path. There's nothing you can't do!

quinn: Had a thought -- I agree with others to start out with calm breeds on your dog walking. Greyhounds, I've found, are exceptionally calm creatures. They look like they want to run around like crazy (and they do need some running time) but they're secret couch potatoes and are quiet and rarely bite -- and so many of them need good homes due to being abandoned after dog track racing. If there's a greyhound rescue nearby I'd recommend it.

Mike: We got hit with the tornado warning here in N. Florida, too. Crazy!!

Stacey: Woooooo go you on the choreography! You're going with what feels natural and that can't be wrong!

almeeker: Buffets are so hard! I think you did pretty well, all considering. And holy crap, 50 pushups?! I can't even do like...10 modified ones yet. My arms are so weak. I hope to be able to do 50 one day!

Monday Report Card

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Achieve a 7,000 calorie deficit by the end of the week (through a combination of eating and exercising) M: -771 (week total = -771)
2) Do not take off two days in a row from exercising. M: Day off
3) Achieve a 35% protein average for the week M: 21% (weekly average 21%)
4) Carbs at or below 50% average for the week M: 50% (weekly average 50%)
5) Protein powder after every workout - in a smoothie! M: N/A
6) At least 96 oz. water daily M: yes

Other Life Stuff:
1) Laundry, laundry, laundry -- put away, ironed, spring cleaning and donation of clothes I simply no longer want to wear! M: Put away two whole baskets!
2) Buy new makeup and a flatiron for the disaster of hair on my head M-F: No, weekend
3) Buy small Easter presents to send to family M: No
4) Balance savings/expenditures (this is a weekend goal, won't be updating until then!) M-F: N/A
5) Work on my embroidery for at least five hours this week M: No
6) Don't worry, be happy! M: Was in a great mood yesterday!

We had some crazy weather yesterday evening and lost power for about 8 hours (my apartment complex always seems to lose power if there's even a good stiff breeze, nevermind tornado warnings...) so I'm hoping that the food in the fridge will be alright. Didn't open it, so crossing my fingers! I'm fairly satisfied with my calorie deficit yesterday. I seem to manage 750 pretty regularly just from food restriction, it'll take the exercise this week to really hit the 7,000 goal. But it's not a goal if it doesn't take a little work, right? Gotta go to the gym tonight! And get my protein up!!

Took my measurements last night - put it in my signature, I've lost a total of 11 1/2 inches The funny thing is that I feel like I notice it on my hips/butt the most, but my WAIST has actually dropped the most inches (2 1/4 inches off the waist in a month and a half). I'm also taking measurements on body parts and doubling them if I have two -- for example my thighs have lost 1.5 inches each, so I count that as three inches. Is that right?? Anyway, it made me feel pretty good at the end of a long day yesterday!

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Hope, nice job on the goals! Who's the boss? Booyah!

Almeeker, welcome back to the saddle, the wagon, the whatever. I'm only a day ahead of you, thanks to the cassata from the weekend. Funny how things can turn into a gateway drug amd everything rolls right over, and at the end of it you look up and say, what the heck happened? Actually, it's not funny, not funny at all. After my experience this weekend (and others, sadly), it seems like it is often just one thing that starts the slide, soooo frustrating. On the positive side, there always is another day; thank goodness for the FitDay log being blank in the morning! Note to self: get a better emergency plan in place!

Thanks, everyone, for the sinus suggestions. I think I feel well enough to go out today and look for some of the herbs, oils, etc. that were suggested. But I think "we need to install a hot tub on the deck" is going to be a hard sell .
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1. Keep a 1000 cal deficit per day (M - No - It was over 800 though)
2. Work out (in some way, shape, or form) every day this week - M - Yes...short walk at lunch. Unfortunately I had a raging headache after work that didn't go away until 9 last night, so didn't work out.
3. Limit myself to 1 cappuccino per week (tough with the icky weather we're having...) - M- Yes! I mean no...no cappuccino!
4. Feel good about the progress I've already made and not get upset if I have a setback! M - Yes. So far for tuesday...no. Feeling really down....

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Working on lots of spring chores today. (Things you guys in the south were doing a few weeks ago. I wish I could just relax and enjoy my week, but there's so much that I want to get done.


* Forget the pie chart for one week and keep calories to a "clean" 1400 or less. (This worked really well for me last week.) yes
* Hike (heavy pack) twice this week, weather permitting. (Remember cleated hikers- it's mucky since the last storm.) Nope. 40 mph winds and sleet yesterday.
* Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. (Hmmm....I need to borrow a dog... ) Got a quick one in.
* 100 oz. of water daily, minimum. Yes.

* Finish bead work on Prom dress. No. (I really hate sewing!)
* Spring clean all bathrooms. No.
* Spring clean 3 vehicles. One done.
* Smile more... bitch less. (Simple and to the point! ) Without kids, I have nothing to bitch about.
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~ keep to my eating plan m yes
~ log all food i eat m yes
~ cardio 4 times this week 1 times, 2 times
~ strength training 4 times this week MUST, m y
~ yoga 3 times this week 1 times
~ take my measurements
~ weigh myself wed & fri.


~ place is clean MAINTAIN m yes
~ put effort in what i wear every day m yes, t yes
~ be in touch with my moods & emotions journal 3 times this week.
~ start working on a choreography m y
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cassie ~ not sure i'm a natural...lol...i was nervous to start putting moves down on paper, but as i started i realized i can change it & modify it. it is my choreography. i'm just pleased that i making myself try.

almeeker ~ i love asian food too. when i worked in richmond (city near vancouver) my co-worker would go to restaurants where we would be the only non-chinese people in the place & on top of that they maybe had one waitress that would speak english, but wow the food was good. like you said you can still make goal just start over. sorry your shoulders are sore i hate that. you could always try & work up to 50 pushups...lol. i've never heard of gargling with Alcolol. i've gargled with salt water for sore throats, but never alcolol interesting. pull out your harry b & shimmy away or the gypsy kings both are fun to shimmy too.

MakerBabe ~ congrats on the loss 5 lbs is awsome.

canary ~ sorry that your fibro is acting up that sucks. hope you feel better soon.

terri ~ yeah i'm trying to 'listen' to the music & go with what feels right to it for me. glad your power is back on. wow 11 1/2 inches that is awesome CONGRATS. that must feel awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yes, the kale was delicious last night! tonight i think i'm going for the brussel sprouts and a chicken thigh. thighs have so much more flavor than breasts, do you guys agree? i never buy breasts.

i hope to workout tonight before WW. There is no way i'm getting on the WW scale as they'd prob charge me $13 when they saw that I was over 132. My goal weight that I gave them is 130, so if I'm over by more than 2 then I need to pay.

Mern, I think my base metabolic rate is around 1300. If I workout hard on any given day I think I should eat around 1500, but otherwise I should be at 1300 or 1400ish. But really, I don't have complete faith that those are the numbers I should be following. Eating clean I guess is most important to me, while trying to also keep portions w/in reason.

almeeker, while your cals were high from the Chinese buffet they weren't over 3000 or anything. it was obviously a splurge for you, but nothing too insane. we can't be too hard on ourselves otherwise we won't want to keep up with this healthy lifestyle. good for enjoying it and moving on. i hope your shoulders feel better soon. ask one of the kids to give you a neck rub!

congrats on all those inches lost, Terri! i should do my measurements too.

cassie, glad to hear you are feeling better. hot showers might helpif the hot tub isn't gonna happen!
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julia ~ thighs may have more flavour, but i actually like the breasts better...lol...go figure.
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Check in on Monday

Goal diet:20g carb--- M, no 32g
Work out: 3DVD, 3run--- M, DVD-walk
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Mike, are your storms over? Did you make it through safely with no damage?

Mai, best wishes on the low carb. I do 25g per day after deducting fiber because fiber is a carbohydrate that does not impact blood sugar. My low carbing is for a lifetime to keep my blood sugar in check. You can eat a lot of good nutritious food for 20 carbs per day if you plan well. I know you can do it. Do you deduct grams of fiber? And congrats on the exercise.

Julia, I'll bet you do a lot of planning to get in a good amount of food to make you feel full at 1300 calories if you don't workout. Great that chicken and kale are so low cal. A lot of people think I don't get enough nutrition at only 25g net carbs (carbs less fiber) but I do--again, it just takes careful planning. Thighs are my favorite part of the chicken--more moist, more flavor.

Cassie, next time you're at the doctor ask him/her to write you a prescription for a hot tub and have your husband fill the prescription. Then you'll be prepared for your next battle with sinus congestion.

Erin, I hope you feel better soon!

Almeeker, "Chuck E. Chinese" Our Chuck E. Cheese is just two doors down from China Buffet in a shopping center. You could get Chinese takeout and eat it at Chuck E. Cheese. LOL Thursday, while my husband took 3 grandkids to McDonalds, my 15 year old granddaughter and I went next door and got takeout from Panera bread (I had mine made into a salad) and we took our takeout over to McDonald to eat with the rest of the family. But we had DH order us drinks from McD so we wouldn't be so conspicuous. LOL Thanks for the kudos on my half o'pound. At least when you and I lose only that much after watching our diet and exercising really well, we can be proud we gave it our best effort.

Terri! Glad you made it through the storms OK and got your power back! Congrats on all the inches you lost! I don't take measurements--I just go by how my slacks fit, so I can't answer your question about doubling.

Canary, best wishes--hope that fibro diet helps you.

MakerBabe, woohoo on the 5 lb. loss! Way to go!

Everyone else, congrats to those of you doing well, and big hugs to those who are struggling.

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