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Thanks Mern for describing poi, yes, I now remember it! Although sadly I never tried it. I don't think I ever saw it on a restaurant menu that we went to...maybe it's sold at grocery stores? It sounds like something I'd like! Yes, his grandparents seem very healthy--esp his grandma! She is very youthful. His grandpa has trouble walking after a few blocks, but is still doing well. And you're right, Loco-moco doesn't seem like a native Hawaii food, I have no idea where that came from, but it is popular.

My lunch is currently sitting on my kitchen counter since I accidentally left it there in my morning haste. As I was driving from a lab on the bay to my inland office I decided to get ice cream for lunch. I wasn't hungry for a sandwich and I really wanted ice cream, so I decided to go for it.

I chose to get 2 scoops (their version of a small) of maple walnut. I ordered an ice cream with nuts thinking that if I was going to make this my lunch I would need something to really stick with me and walnuts would help with that! This may be insane or it may be true. I don't know if it worked, but I'm not hungry yet.

I'm still only at 952 cals for the day and I'll have a healthy dinner so I guess it will all work out.

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quinn, sorry to hear about the car. The bright side is that no one was hurt.
almeeker, that's awesome about IHop, I think every place should have that info handy.

Health & Fitness Goals:

1) Log food and report every day even weekends yesno (reported but didn't log everything)
2) work out 3 times-strength noyes
3) Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. (use my own dog ) no, no
4) forget the pie chart yes, yes
5) take magnesium supplements yes, yes
6) Feel good about the progress I've already made and not get upset if I have a setback! yes, yes
7) Water (128oz/day) yes,no
8) Don't eat out yes, no
9) 3 days 5 minute Jump Rope no, no
10) 5 fruits/veggies daily yes, yes
11) Protein powder after every workout - in a smoothie!N/A, yes

Non Health & Fitness Goals:
1) Smile more, bitch less NO
2) Reconnect with old friends (great opportunity since i've run into 3 or 4 lately!) no
3) make some money no
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Sounds like I wasn't the only one with a rough day Tuesday! I'm having a much improved, very productive day today. Hope everyone's Wednesday is going a little smoother.

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Well, Mike, congrats on:
working out
forgetting the pie chart
getting in your magnesium and protein powder
feeling good about your progress
and getting in the 5 servings of fruits and veggies.

Julia, I don't know where to get poi in Hawaii. Must not be very popular anyway if you didn't notice it on restaurant menus there after eating out so much. Apparently I was under the mistaken impression it's as widely eaten there as pineapple. So nice that Lou got to visit with his grandparents like that and that you got to meet them. Well, walnuts are good for you and have protein to help you feel full longer, so it sounds like a good choice with the ice cream to me. Hope you have a yummy dinner!
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Wednesday Report Card

Health & Fitness Goals:

1. Eat clean and kept calories 1,350-1,850 all week. 2,326, 1,499, 1,801
2. Drink 96 oz of water. YES, YES, YES
3. Exercise 6 hours. 42 min, 0 min, 62 min (total 1:44
4. Calorie deficit of 3,500 for the week. +116, -603, -458 (total -945)
5. Carbs 45% or lower, Protein 40% or higher. 58% c / 13% p, 28% c / 36% p 35% c / 24% p
6. Log food and report every day even weekends. YES, YES, YES

Non-Fitness Goals:

7. Get DD practicing for State finals (without too much nagging). A little, NO, NO
8. Sign up for Summerfest Race. NO, NO, NO
9. Call my grandmother and aunt. NO, NO, NO
10. Call the eye doctor and read her the riot act. NO, NO, NO
11. Be a fun and entertaining mom, (kiddos are on Spring Break). YES, took the kids to see the butterflies exhibit and out to lunch. YES, took the kids shopping for shoes and out to eat. Maybe, I'm trying to teach them how to sew, which is a lot harder than I thought.

Not much to report here today. We stayed in all day, the kids entertained each other and one at a time I worked with them on learning to sew. They are making pj's, which I'm certain will be adorable, but it's a lot harder to work them through the steps than it would be if I just did the sewing myself. But then that leaves me to do all the mending and sewing they ever desire for the rest of all time, right? Also it takes over the whole kitchen, and then we have to clear off the table for every meal. I really need a studio space of some sort.
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thanks Mern. I'm not only forgetting about my pie chart, I'm eating way more than I usually do. I guess I have to wait and see what happens.
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I had a wonderful, productive day today. I accomplished much more than I thought I could. So, tomorrow, my plan is to wrap up a few loose ends and then enjoy some sunny, unseasonably warm weather. Last weekend, we received 3-4 inches of snow. This weekend is suppose to be near 70! If you don't like the weather here, wait a few minutes... it's sure to change.


* Forget the pie chart for one week and keep calories to a "clean" 1400 or less. (This worked really well for me last week.) yes, yes, yes
* Hike (heavy pack) twice this week, weather permitting. (Remember cleated hikers- it's mucky since the last storm.) Nope. 40 mph winds and sleet yesterday. No. No, spring cleaning.
* Spring's here... resume daily neighborhood walks. (Hmmm....I need to borrow a dog... ) Got a quick one in. No. No, cleaning.
* 100 oz. of water daily, minimum. Yes. Yes. Yes.

* Finish bead work on Prom dress. No. (I really hate sewing!) No. No. (Did I mention I hate sewing?) I'd rather clean bathrooms...lol
* Spring clean all bathrooms. No. No. YES!!!
* Spring clean 3 vehicles. One done. One step forward, ten steps back on this one. Two done; one to go.
* Smile more... bitch less. Without kids, I have nothing to bitch about. Tuesday, I found something to bitch about. Wednesday, I realized that I have to let go of things that I have absolutely no control over and just "roll with it". Some things (like the car) are out of my hands.
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So tired, still sick, still no hot tub

1. Stick to calorie goal. Yes, No, Yes
2. Keep carbs at 50% or below. 48% No, 50%
3. 3 sports bottles of water. Yes, Yes, No-throat too sore to drink much
4. 5 fruits and veggies daily. Yes, Yes, Yes
5. 7 hours of sleep a night (at least). Yes-a whopping 8! No-6.75, no-6
6. Log everything, even cough drops. Yes, No, Yes

7. Monday...plan Spring Break week schedule...written down, not just in head! Yes
8. Second coat all upstairs doors by end of weekend. Not yet
9. Annual Spring Break clearing of closets and dressers. Not yet
10. Finish all work (including outstanding billing) by Wednesday; take Thursday & Friday off. Yes-clients seen and reports done; need to do a few scheduling calls, though
11. Find/order faucets for bathroom sinks & tub. Not yet
12. Get strawberries and herbs going; it's late! Not yet

Sorry to not respond to you all; I'm reading posts but I have no gas left tonight. Be well, everyone. Thanks for being here.

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My sister had a baby boy today. Mom and baby are doing good. he is so snugly I just may take him home for my self. well all is going good for me lost another pound so things still going good. some days you just feel like you are on top of the world and for me that is today Just wish every one could be this happy...sending out happy thoughts to every one ...Have a great day.
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So sorry to hear that you're still not feeling up to par. You're usually like the "Energizer Bunny"! So if this bug has you down, it must be a tough one! Hope you're back on your feet soon.


Congratulations to the new "Auntie Rhoda"! Glad to hear everything went well.
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