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Originally Posted by branmuffin36 View Post
5. Meet RDA goals for nutrients - No, having a hard time with iron, I know....multivitamin.... anyone have a multivitamin easy on the stomach? EVERY time I take one I get really nauseous for like an hour, and this is even being extra sure to take on a full stomach with water or milk. Have tried about 4 brands so far.
Energy level is way up. However, experiencing severe mood swings, which aren't normal for me. Not PMS time for me either.
I take my multivitamin at night right before bed, and sleep through the nausea. I've been using "One-A-Day, Women's Weight Control (or is it Weight Smart?) IDK, for years and years now. It has 18mg of iron, and I need every one of them.
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My goal this week

I will go to the gym 5 days a week.
I will do yoga 2 days out of 5 days.
Eat under 1500 calories a day
Drink atleast 5 cups of water (I don't drink water so this is going to be hard)
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Monday's check-in

1. 1500 cal per dayyes!
2. Exercise 45 minutes minimum for at least 4 daysNo
3. 72 ounces of water each dayYes!
4. 5 servings of frts/veg's per dayYes!
5. Multivitamin dailyNo
6. Get the holiday things put away!Nope
7. Balance the checkbook!Nope.

I take Women's One-a-day "Active Metabolism" - but they contain caffeine, so if I forget early in the day, I skip it.
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1. No coffee, tea, or pop (been struggling w heartburn) NO, NO but not worried
2. At least 5 servings fruit/veg a day (Y, Y
3. Workout 2x during week, 2x during weekend (Y, might tonight but have to do work after everyone goes to bed
4. Less than 1500 cal for at least 3 days, under 1800 the rest of the days (1500 - Y, 1800 - Y well, close enough ;P)
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Tuesday report card:

1. Exercise M-Sat, 1 hour minimum - NO EXCUSES. YES, YES
2. 96 oz of water. YES, YES
3. Limit calories, zig-zag maybe with an absolute cap at 1,500!!! YES 1,426, no 1,673 was doing really well until this evening, got done in by a dinner roll.
4. Average 6 things/day from the list of things that must be done. NO, no
5. Get my kids laughing at least 3 times/day. YES, YES
6. Take stuff to Goodwill. YES, did that yesterday
7. Get info on elliptical parts and get that mother (me) up and running again. NO, no
8. Sign up for 10K in May. NO, no

Wish me luck, it's snowing like mad here, and I'm really not in the mood for a snow day.
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Have you tried one of those Emergen-c packets? One of those mixed in water will also serve a dual purpose--nutrients and drinking more water. You could drink it over a couple of hours and see how your stomach feels.

One packet won't meet all your RDAs, but they do have high amounts of Vit B6 & B12. So I don't think I'd take more than one packet a day, though, because of the high Vit Bs. I esp like the Calcium & Vit D one. I drink it while exercising at the gym.
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Checkin Tuesday

This week I will:
1. Join CrossFit (an awesome, intense, focused workout)Did call for the appt, but haven't made it there yet
2. Keep the carbs to 35%-40% of the calories so far so good
3. Refrain from alcohol (yikes! football party at our house on Monday)hmmmm, nope, the Ducks lost and you can't cry in your beer if you don't got beer!
4. Finish that dang quality control report at work (not diet/fitness related, but it is stressing me out big time!)YES!!!

I hope everyone is safe and sound with the wicked weather going on throughout most of the country.
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Snow day again tomorrow, child home yet again. Will my joy never abate.

This week I am going to:
1) eat 1500 cal or less:1510,1525
2) get back to writing: tried, can you say child home sick? YES
3) exercise 3x at least: home: abs, back, legs, NO it was gym or sandwich, sandwich won
4) meditate: Yes, Yes
5) drink more H2O: eh 50 oz. NO

Almeeker, I love the line about being undone by a dinner roll. Runbikeski, I love the line about not being able to cry in your beer if you don't got any.

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Report for Tuesday:

1. Stick to my calorie limit (still in damage control mode from holidays and The Sunday Evening of Snow and No Willpower). Yes Yes
2. Drink 2-3 big blue bottles of water daily. Yes Yes
3. Exercise daily. No Yes-doubled up and shoveled driveway
4. Balance the pie chart. Yes Yes
5. One organizational task in home office daily. Yes No
6. Get trim painted in at least one room. No No
7. Sleep in my wrist brace. Yes Yes

All in all not bad. We have another snow day tomorrow, too, Hope. I'm finding it hard to keep from snacking, especially at night. How quickly I slipped back into bad habits .
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Tuesday results:

1. 1500 cal per dayyes!No
2. Exercise 45 minutes minimum for at least 4 daysNoYes - shoveling counts - right?
3. 72 ounces of water each dayYes!yes
4. 5 servings of frts/veg's per dayYes!No
5. Multivitamin dailyNoyes
6. Get the holiday things put away!Nopeno
7. Balance the checkbook!

Been in orientation for the new job, so food choices are limited. I need to be very good today & tomorrow because Friday's weigh-in for me.
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