Motivational starting 1/10

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Yes, one will start tomorrow, outsidegirl. Looking forward to seeing you.
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Check-in for Saturday:

1. 1500 cal per dayyes!NoNoclose - 1545yes,No, 1695ish
2. Exercise 45 minutes minimum for at least 4 daysNoYes no. yes!yesYes!
3. 72 ounces of water each dayYes!yesyesYes!yesYes!
4. 5 servings of frts/veg's per dayYes!NoyesYes!yesYes!
5. Multivitamin dailyNoyesyesYes!yesYes!
6. Get the holiday things put away! yet.Done!
7. Balance the checkbook! yet.maybe tonight...yes!Done.

Went over a little while watching football, but also exercised more than I'd planned on.
Today, I'm already over because of the 2 beers and the fried snacks - but the Bears were playing and the food/beverages were part of the whole experience. I did start off the eating with a huge plate of lettuce with chicken/salsa mixture I made earlier in the week from Cassie's recipe. I added a few tortilla chips and some sharp cheddar, and it was awesome. Next week - Packers! Sorry, Quinn, but the Packers are gonna lose. I was asked to bring (home-made, fabulous) cookies to watch that game, so it'll be a challenge to plan my eating strategy. I'll use Sunday for my incentive to eat well the rest of the week. I find Friday weigh-in really motivating too.
Canary - sorry to hear about that monster of a disease which is making life miserable for you. Hope the accupuncture helped!
Ruby - thanks for the encouragement! This is the first time in many years that I think I can actually reach my goal - all thanks to Fitday.

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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki
Hey Canary,
you mentioned that you have used acupuncture for your Fibro. Does it help? I am so sorry to see that you suffer with this awful disease. It sure seems like with all the medical break throughs these days we ought to have a better handle on this one. I admire your attitude and diligence in the face of all that discomfort and pain.
Runbikeski, thank you so much for your kind words. The acupuncture helps for some of the symptoms: my back, arm, leg, shoulder and knee pain. Plus my acupuncturist does other healing modalities so she is reallly invaluable to my health and well being. And I agree, we ought to have a better handle on this! And when they find one, I'm grabbing onto it, believe me! This has been a tough week on me and my family, not easy to see one you love suffer so I feel for them! But as you say, there is always next week, right?

For everyone, I hope your team wins. For me, I'm watching the Golden Globes!
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Smile Week one goals

Hello all
I'm new as of today with a start wt of 220.8. Looking forward to the new ME.
1) Eat less
2) Move more
3) Only 1 TV show per day. (instead of my usual 4-5 hours)
4) Drink more water
5) No alcohol this week.
I'm hoping that joining in I will feel more accountable.
Thanks Karen
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Karen -
there's a new thread every week. Look for the one starting 1/17.
Welcome to the group!
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Ups and downs to end the week. I didn't do too well on the calories or the pie chart ...but I know what I did wrong: didn't plan well for son's tournament, so ended up letting myself get too hungry and gave in for pizza for dinner, committed to a "meatless" day but didn't compensate the protein, and ate for emotional reasons (got cranky w/hubby about things that need to be done around the house). Oh, and I didn't exercise, either .

But I did paint some trim, squeaking that goal in last-minute. I thought it would be easier to do the upstairs hallway since I didn't have to move furniture; once I started, I realized that there are six doors and door frames up there...what a pain!

Going to keep my goals the same for this coming week.
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