Motivational starting 1/10

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1. No coffee, tea, or pop (been struggling w heartburn) NO, but HB is better
2. At least 5 servings fruit/veg a day Y!
3. Workout 2x during week, 2x during weekend Y! Did 30" video
4. Less than 1500 cal for at least 3 days, under 1800 the rest of the days (Y! right around 1500!
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OK, I am feeling pretty lame. Still not getting my posts to show up!

I missed my weight goal this week, so am VERY motivated. I know I have a solid workout routine, so it's not that. Must be my diet slip-ups. A bit of chocolate here, a loaf of bread there. So . . .

Keep intake under 1600 calories (already missed this today)
Begin drinking water/tea

Exercise (already a routine)
1. Spin Classes (2 intense, others easy to moderate)
2. Weekly yoga/pilates
3. Weight lifting 2X
4. Zumba and tennis for fun!

Good luck to everyone!
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Yay!!! I finally got my post to show up!
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Sandi, glad your posts are working, finally! I play tennis also. Love the calorie burn that I don't even think of as being exercise .

My progress for today:

1. Stick to my calorie limit (still in damage control mode from holidays and The Sunday Evening of Snow and No Willpower). Yes
2. Drink 2-3 big blue bottles of water daily. Yes
3. Exercise daily. No
4. Balance the pie chart. Yes
5. One organizational task in home office daily. Yes
6. Get trim painted in at least one room. No
7. Sleep in my wrist brace. Yes

Had one of those dizzy migraines all day. I hate that I let it get in the way of exercise, but it is what it is. We are home with snow/ice again tomorrow, so if I feel better, I'll double up. Hope you all had a good day!
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1) eat not more than 1900 kcal 1906 yes
2) burn at least 2500kcal - should be a doodle now, as school started again, so plenty of walking 2413 which still makes 500kcal deficit
3) stick to F/C/P ratio of 50g/230g/130g plus minus 10g/5g for F 54/214/137
4) spend at least 1 hour a day teaching my older son Czech (my mother's lang.) coz we will go to CZ in summer and he barely knows a word yes
5) continue with alternating bike/dvd at least 30 min a day for cardio
yes, 30min of kickbox love it

not bad
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Good Morning Everyone. Here is my Mon. report

1.64 oz of waterYES
2.No processed foodsYES
3.Make each workout count!YES
4.In bed by 10 p.m.YES-this is the hard one in my house!
5.No eating before bed.YES
6.Sort through the clothes my dd has outgrown and pack them up and drop off at Goodwill.NO

Hope you all have a good day.
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My Goals For The Week-

1. Eat at least 3 fruit and two vegetable servings a day.No
2. Re-eliminate bread! Yes
3. Carry a water bottle with me at all times. Yes
4. Purge the house of the rest of holiday treats... chocolate, nuts, etc. Tossed chocolates, froze nuts for granola bars.
5. Take multi-vitamin daily. Yes

Non-Food Related Goals-

1. Take down outdoor holiday wreaths! Yes!
2. Get oil changed No, but hopefully today.

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This week I am going to:
1) eat 1500 cal or less:1510
2) get back to writing: tried, can you say child home sick?
3) exercise 3x at least: home: abs, back, legs
4) meditate: Yes
5) drink more H2O: eh 50 oz.

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Monday report card:

1. Exercise M-Sat, 1 hour minimum - NO EXCUSES. YES
2. 96 oz of water. YES
3. Limit calories, zig-zag maybe with an absolute cap at 1,500!!! YES 1,426
4. Average 6 things/day from the list of things that must be done. NO
5. Get my kids laughing at least 3 times/day. YES
6. Take stuff to Goodwill. YES
7. Get info on elliptical parts and get that mother (me) up and running again. NO
8. Sign up for 10K in May. NO

I'm pound-wise half way recovered from the weekend. DH and I became members of the local Pub-Club on Friday night, let's just say it was an extremely "up-scale" event.
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Default Week 2 beginning check-in

We 2 of accountability
Age: 38
Height 5'6"
Weight 1/1/11: 158 - heaviest ever!!! Heavier than when I was 40 weeks pregnant!
Weight 1/9/2011: 155 - I didn't believe it at first but the scale at Ikea confirmed our own. Don't expect this much loss each week but yay!!
Goal weight: 130 (with lots of muscle!)
This week's goals, last week's successes/struggles noted.
1. 64 oz. of water- Yes, probably more counting the herbal tea each evening.
2. Get moving 30 minutes of cardio heart raising activities per day - Made 6 days, only missed Friday, which is like a miracle for me. Was closer to an hour each day but keeping same goal.
Not so much yesterday, so guess I already used up my 'day off' allowance.
3. Log Everything I put in my mouth, no fibbing to myself. Yes, seems to take so much time though especially when it's not food I prepared myself!
4. Burn 620 calories more per day than I eat (easier than a limit on calories) Yes last week, not great yesterday but not as bad as I feared, was at about 1,900 due to my weakness for dairy and really feeling sorry for myself.
5. Meet RDA goals for nutrients - No, having a hard time with iron, I know....multivitamin.... anyone have a multivitamin easy on the stomach? EVERY time I take one I get really nauseous for like an hour, and this is even being extra sure to take on a full stomach with water or milk. Have tried about 4 brands so far.
Energy level is way up. However, experiencing severe mood swings, which aren't normal for me. Not PMS time for me either.

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