Motivational starting 1/10

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Default Motivational starting 1/10

Back in the saddle for me! Join me please!!!

This week I am going to:
1) eat 1500 cal or less
2) get back to writing
3) exercise 3x at least
4) meditate
5) drink more H2O

Child home sick. Coughing on everything. Does my joy not abate?
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Default Some toughies for me:

This week I will:
1. Join CrossFit (an awesome, intense, focused workout)
2. Keep the carbs to 35%-40% of the calories
3. Refrain from alcohol (yikes! football party at our house on Monday)
4. Finish that dang quality control report at work (not diet/fitness related, but it is stressing me out big time!)

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My goal for next week
Eat 1200 cals a day
Drink 4 16 oz class of water
work out at least 4 times (indoor or run)
I go from there. I try to convince my husband get on board too but I don't think he is ready to comitted. Well, i just told him not order pizza for a while. Let's see.
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1. No coffee, tea, or pop (been struggling w heartburn)
2. At least 5 servings fruit/veg a day
3. Workout 2x during week, 2x during weekend
4. Less than 1500 cal for at least 3 days, under 1800 the rest of the days

Does anyone use those mini-stair steppers? Are they any good?
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This week's goals:

start the week with Zumba Master class - Check!
double cardio M-F, single cardio Sat
Resistance training Tues & Fri
500 calorie deficit
Calorie balance 60-20-20 (this is hardest for me...)

Down one pound by Saturday - Is this reasonable?
How much time do the rest of you spend working out? Doing what?

Current weight: 138.6
Goal weight March 19: 127
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This week's goals:

1. Stick to my calorie limit (still in damage control mode from holidays and The Sunday Evening of Snow and No Willpower).
2. Drink 2-3 big blue bottles of water daily.
3. Exercise daily.
4. Balance the pie chart.
5. One organizational task in home office daily.
6. Get trim painted in at least one room.
7. Sleep in my wrist brace.

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my goals
eat about 1500-2000 calories /day
work out 5-6 times/week
work out back and leg mostly( herniated disc and affecting legs0
cardio 3-4 times/wk
weights and toning 2times/week
drink more water
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wow, monday morning and so many posts already! Ok here's my plan for the week:

1) eat not more than 1900 kcal
2) burn at least 2500kcal - should be a doodle now, as school started again, so plenty of walking
3) stick to F/C/P ratio of 50g/230g/110g
4) spend at least 1 hour a day teaching my older son Czech (my mother's lang.) coz we will go to CZ in summer and he barely knows a word
5) continue with alternating bike/dvd at least 30 min a day for cardio

Wow, if I stick to this plan, I'll be so proud of myself you know that saying, it goes something like this, that people who never achieve anything are those who never plan.
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My Goals For The Week-

1. Eat at least 3 fruit and two vegetable servings a day.
2. Re-eliminate bread!
3. Carry a water bottle with me at all times.
4. Purge the house of the rest of holiday treats... chocolate, nuts, etc.

Non-Food Related Goals-

1. Take down outdoor holiday wreaths!
2. Get oil changed.
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Hey Guys

I havn't done the motivational for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed that I am slacking, so back on the weekly motivationals for me

1) eat 1400-1600 calories per day
2) drink at least 3 litres of water
3) do cardio 3 times this week
3) do strength training 3 times this week
4) return my house to some degree of organized
5) Figure out our new household budget for 2011
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