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The Weirdest Things People Have Found in Their Food

Imagine finishing up your snack of bagged cashews only to feel something hard in your mouth. And then reaching in and pulling out a tooth, complete with dried blood. That’s what happened to one Ohio woman.

Nickolette Botsford was enjoying a bag of Planter’s when she came across a “foreign object.” Once she realized there was a tooth in her bag, she instantly raced to an emergency room where staff confirmed she had found a tooth and she underwent treatment for ingesting human bodily fluids. Botsford is currently trying to communicate with Kraft, the maker of the nuts to work out details and she plans to hire a lawyer to recoup the money she spent on emergency room costs.

Unfortunately, Botsford isn’t the person who has found things that look like food but aren’t that has been found in packaged food. There have been a lot of gross things found in packaged and processed foods — not just in Ohio. All over the world, people have thought they were eating something ordinary, like sliced bread. Only to discover things like mice in their package. Or a cockroach. Or even a toad in can of Pepsi.

In other cases, one woman found a cell phone in her bag of chips. And another woman found that ice cream is a lot less delicious when there’s a razor blade in your scoop.

And Botsford isn’t the first woman to find a tooth in her snack. A woman in Texas found a tooth in her Milky Way bar. In that case, the candy company offered a coupon for a free replacement.

Between the loads of fat and sugar found in processed food and the risk of getting something completely inedible and possibly really scary and dangerous in your package, it might be healthier to cook your own food.

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