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The 10 Most Unhealthy Cities in America


You may be worried about your health, but is everyone else in your city as concerned as you are? There are many cities around the country that take pride in their fitness, while other cities don't appear to care as much. Want to know whether you live in a city that's fat or fit? Here are the 10 least healthy cities in America:

1. McAllen-Edinburg-Misson, Texas

This Texas border area has an obesity rate of 38.8 percent, meaning nearly four in every ten people in the region are overweight. This is also one of the poorest regions in Texas, bringing into focus the correlation between low income and obesity.

2. Binghamton, N.Y.

Despite the population of this New York city being just 252,000, the obesity rate is 37.6 percent, higher than in many of the more densely populated metropolitan areas.

3. Huntington-Ashland, Ohio, Ky., W.Va.

The Huntington-Ashland region borders Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, and it's situated in one of the most beautiful locations along the Appalachian Plateau. Despite all the region has going for it, it has an obesity rate of 36 percent.

4. Rockford, Ill.

Rockford, Ill., is a small city with a population of just 153,000 people, but the obesity rate in the city is 35.5 percent.

5. Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas

This region of Texas is home to just under 400,000 people, and ties for fifth place with Charleston, W.Va., with an obesity rate of 33.8 percent.

6. Charleston, W.Va

This West Virginia city ties with the Beaumont-Port Arthur county, both with an obesity rate of 33.8 percent. It's the largest city in West Virginia, as well as the capital, though it has a small population than Beaumont-Port Arthur, with only 51,000 people.

7. Lakeland-Winter Haven, Fla.

Best known for being the home of Legoland Florida, this Florida city is also know for an obesity rate of 33.5 percent.

8. Topeka, Kan.

The capital city of Kansas is located right on the shores of the beautiful Kansas River and has a population of 127,000, 33.3 percent of which--or 41,910--are obese.

9. Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, Wash.

Though rated as one of the best places to raise a family in 2010, it has an obesity rate of 33.2 percent.

10. Reading, Pa.

Dubbed as the nation's poorest city in 2012 by the New York Times, Reading also cracks the top 10 most obese cities in the nation with a rate of 32.7 percent.

Though these statistics date back to 2012, rates in the U.S.A. have stalled at just over 30 percent of all Americans being obese.


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