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Don't Step Into The Light: 10 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Be Tanning

For some reason, tanning is equated with having a "healthy glow," which is ironic considering the health risks associated with tanning, making it anything but healthy. There are plenty of reasons to avoid tanning, or even "fake baking," but these are just 10 of them:

You Could Get Cancer

You've probably heard it before, but tanning, whether from sun exposure or UV tanning beds drastically increases the chance of getting skin cancer. In turn, you are also more likely to get other forms of cancers and skin cancers after getting skin cancer

There Are Other Health Risks

Tanning isn't just cancerous; it also leads to other health issues including immune suppression, allergies and eye damage

10% Tax on Tanning

There's a tax on fake tans, just like there is on other known carcinogenic products, like cigarettes

There is a Higher Risk of Cancer With Indoor Tanning

There are rumors that indoor tanning is somehow safer because it's a controlled environment, but those UV bulbs actually carry a greater risk of developing cancer.

You Could Inhale Chemicals From Spray Tans

Ever notice that spray tan technicians wear a mask? It's to avoid inhaling all the toxins and chemicals in the spray—even "organic" tans need propellants to spray evenly. And you can't wear a mask, or you'll get a mask line.

High Risk of Sun Burn

Feeling the burn after working out is sexy; being unable to wear clothes comfortably or sit down because you over did it on the beach or at the tanning salon is not.

Pesky Tan Lines

It's nearly impossible to get an allover, evenly toned tan. So your stripes are gonna show eventually and it won't be pretty.

Signs of Aging: Spots and Wrinkles

Tanning may look healthy for a while, but overexposure makes you look older faster. Nobody wants age spots, wrinkles or lizard skin before their time.

Spray Tans Can Lead to Streaks, Messes, and Embarrassment

And if you think you're safe because you spray tan, you're wrong. Spray tans can cause streaks, messes, stains and general embarrassment.

It's Addictive

If you've noticed that people that tan can't seem to stop, it's because they can't. Tanning is addictive. Exposure to the UV releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, making tan people want more and more—no matter how leathery they look.

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