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The Supermodel Skincare Routine Is a Lot Simpler Than You Think

Supermodels may look flawless at all times, but that's their job. In reality, they work really hard to be flawless and have picked up tricks and tips along the way. Despite having access to the world's most luxurious products, many supermodels actually use the same drugstore brands that have been around for years.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

When it comes to looking good from head to toe, many supermodels recommend staying hydrated and prefer coconut water for hydration.

Adriana Lima drinks coconut water to look good from the inside out.

Alessandra Ambrosio also drinks coconut water, but she relies on sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and products like serums and moisturizers to stay fresh and dewy.

Kendall Jenner drinks a lot of green tea and collects money by extolling its virtues on her social media accounts.


Another key ingredient is moisturizer. From drugstore finds like Nivea to Estee Lauder's range of serums and night creams, supermodels like to be moisturized. Those that prefer to take the natural route often recommend coconut oil and vitamin E.


When they're not working, many supermodels like to give their skin a break from makeup and keep it simple, relying on tinted lip balm and mascara at most.

For legendary model Iman, the beauty secret is using bronzer. No matter your skin tone, Iman says to use bronzer in strategic places from your cheeks to your décolletage.

Catch Some Zzz's

Sleep is just as important as your mother always claimed. Supermodel Hilary Rhoda aims for seven hours a night.

Clean Your Pores

Karlie Kloss breaks out like the rest of us and she uses Biore pore strips to get rid of the evidence. Another favorite product for Karlie is Pond's Cold Cream to take off her makeup. And if you were wondering where her long lashes come from, the answer is Latisse.

Don't Forget Your Pout

If you've ever wondered how Jourdan Dunn keeps her lips soft and supple, the secret is Vaseline. The model admits to applying it several times a day and before bed.

Following these recommendations makes having supermodel skin seem achievable!

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