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Celebrities Who Have Aged Gracefully—and How They Did It

In the notoriously youth-obsessed Hollywood, it seems rare to find a face that has aged gracefully. The best-looking celebrities, at least, look to be untouched by plastic surgery and noninvasive dermal injectables like Botox and fillers like Juvederm. While many celebrities have succumbed to the knife, the ones who have aged gracefully look to have found the fountain of youth rather than the number of a doctor. Check out these celebrities who have aged gracefully, with or without plastic surgery:

Halle Berry (49) is on every list of beautiful celebrities, thanks to avoiding looking like she's aged a day.

Brad Pitt (52) may have suffered from acne in his youth, but he somehow managed to avoid the pockmarks that often come with age. Chasing around his large family seems to be keeping him young.

Cindy Crawford (50) likely picked up some anti-aging tips as a model, which are clearly working. They work so well, in fact, that she has her own skincare line.

Jane Seymour (65) is a former ballerina that stays physically fit by playing sports. Although she has spent some time under the knife, undergoing breast augmentation and eyelid surgery, her minimalist approach to plastic surgery keeps her looking naturally beautiful.

Kim Cattrall (59) has made a career out of playing sexy women, which is fitting for her lifelong ability to look stunning.

Sandra Bullock (51) clearly takes good care of her skin, with regular treatments and high-end skincare products.

Angela Basset (57) has clearly found her groove when it comes to staying forever youthful.

Brooke Shields (50) looks like she'd still let nothing get between her and her Calvins, even the hands of time.

Rob Lowe (51) credits his youthful looks to learning about skincare products like eye cream, thanks to years of sitting in a makeup chair.

Cate Blanchett (46) has been outspoken in her stance against plastic surgery. It looks like her role as spokesperson for luxury skincare brand SK-II is proof that the products work.

Johnny Depp (52) credits his continued good looks to eating a diet high in protein and produce and wearing sunglasses that suppress his appetite.

Lynda Carter (64) remains a Wonder Woman for inability to age.

Tom Cruise (53) is as active in Mission Impossible as he was as a Top Gun, and rumor has it those routine plastic surgery treatments and vigorous workouts are responsible for his youthful appearance.

Christie Brinkley (62) combines healthy eating with routine visits to her doctor for facials.

Jane Fonda (78) continues to stun on red carpets, thanks to her open and judicious use of plastic surgery and her dedication to regular workouts and healthy eating.

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