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How to Make Smarter Food Choices When You’re Stuck in the Airport

One of the worst things about air travel (besides those tiny cramped seats) is the incredibly unhealthy food that seems to be in every airport. Most of the food is processed for convenience and loaded with carbs, sodium, and fat, so it can seem almost impossible to find foods that are low in calories and nutritious.

The problem is that restaurants in airport terminals often have limited menus and food options and often you feel as though you have to eat the junk to avoid going hungry. Our suggestion would be to ditch the pre-made foods and instead opt for whole foods like nuts, bananas, apples, and oranges, or freshly pressed juices and smoothies.

Many airports also have yogurt and oatmeal which are filling and nutritious. If you need something with a little more substance and you have time for a sit-down meal then look for salads (but be wary of the dressings they use on them), soups, and eggs (either whole eggs or scrambled).

It’s also important to think about what you drink because your drinks could be filled with empty calories. Buy water and continue to drink it throughout your time in the airport as it’s important to hydrate, this will also help keep you full. And if you need your caffeine fix try to drink black coffee or coffee with low-fat milk, and skip out on all the heavily sweetened beverages with added syrup. Also, avoid alcohol because alcoholic beverages are usually high in calories and sugar, but will also make you dehydrated.

Alternatively, you could bring your own snacks with you before your flight. Protein bars, fruit, and nuts (almonds and unsalted cashews are favorites) are all great.

One final thought: There are some restaurants known for creating food that is not exactly healthy, these usually include McDonald's, Burger King, and the popular coffee chains like Starbucks. Say no to burgers, pizza, cinnamon rolls and other pastries.

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