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7 Foods That May Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

You’ve heard the saying "you are what you eat," but how about "what you eat, helps you sleep?" Well, that may not be as ... Read More »

How Being Attractive Positively Affects Your Life

We live in a society that places a great deal of importance on physical appearance, which is why so many celebrities are celebrated for their ... Read More »

Children Who Grow up With Older Parents May Behave Better

When it comes to having kids, the age of the parent is a very personal decision and often dependent on what stage of their life ... Read More »

A Poor Diet Can Increase the Risk of Cancer—Here's What You Need to Know

We know we shouldn't be eating pizza every day, snacking on chocolate bars, or drinking endless amounts of soda, but nutrition could play a bigger ... Read More »

Everything to Know About the Skin Cream That Gave a Woman Mercury Poisoning

In large doses, mercury is a substance that is highly toxic to humans, Medical News Today reports. Mercury poisoning can cause numbness, physical tremors, depression, ... Read More »

Victoria Beckham Loves Salmon, Is This Another One of Her Health Tips We Should Be Following?

Over the years, we have come to love Victoria Beckham for more than her former Spice Girls' success and her fashion empire because she’s ... Read More »

Wondering Why You Feel so Overwhelmed? You Could Be a Highly Sensitive Person

At some point in most people’s lives they’ve probably been told that they are overreacting to a situation, or that they are being ... Read More »

Team Sports Are Not Just a Way to Get Your Child Outdoors, It May Also Help With Depression

Creating a balance in life is important. This same approach can be taken for school children, as a focus solely on academics, without considering after-school ... Read More »

Is Maternal Mortality Something We Should Still Be Concerned About in the US?

It’s hard to believe that in 2019, there are still hundreds of thousands of women dying each year from complications relating to childbirth. According to ... Read More »

The Link Between Mental Health and Memory

Mental health is a sensitive topic for many people. Despite a move towards achieving greater awareness for mental health in recent years, there is still ... Read More »

Florida Has Been Experiencing a Hepatitis a Health Emergency: Here's What You Need to Know

In August 2019, Florida made headlines after the Florida Department of Health officials made a public health announcement stating that 17 counties were "critically impacted" by Hepatitis ... Read More »

Turns out Coffee Could Be the Drink You Need to Fight Obesity

Coffee tastes delicious, it gives us an energy boost, and it may be a key component in fighting obesity and diabetes. The benefits and drawbacks ... Read More »

Honey Could Be Just What You Beauty Routine Needs (Seriously!) Here’s Why

Honey is not just delicious over granola or in tea, it’s also one of the must-have natural ingredients when it comes to skincare. Now, ... Read More »

Is Light Therapy What You Need to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles?

In our teens, most of us didn’t think twice about the importance of good skincare and face creams, but as we age and start ... Read More »

Over a Million Americans Have This Allergy, but It's Not a Requirement on Food Labels

You’ve heard of peanut and shellfish allergies, and lactose intolerance, but probably not much about sesame allergies, despite it being the ninth most common ... Read More »

7 Ways to Beat the Midday Slump and Fight Fatigue

Many people feel tired and sluggish in the afternoons and may be tempted to reach for an energy drink or their sixth cup of coffee ... Read More »

Matcha Is Enjoying a Moment in the Spotlight, and This Is Why

Chances are you’ve seen a matcha latte on the menu of your favorite coffee shop, or perhaps you’ve marveled at the bright green ... Read More »

Can't Leave Home Without Shaving Your Bikini Area? Here Are Some Tips

Shaving your bikini line is a personal decision (and no one can tell you what to do about your pubic hair), but we also know ... Read More »

If You’re Having Trouble Smelling, This Could Be the Reason Why

Our senses help us to appreciate things; smelling a beautiful bouquet of roses a loved one has gifted us or finding comfort in the familiar ... Read More »

Alcohol Is Worse for Your Sleep Than Coffee, Here's What You Should Know

If you’ve ever drunk too much coffee or had it too late in the day, you’ll know exactly how annoying it is when ... Read More »

There's an Experimental Procedure That May Delay Menopause, but Is It Worth It?

Menopause typically happens to women in their 40s and 50s (the average age in the United States is 51), and among the many changes to the ... Read More »

Vaping Can Cause Lung Disease, and Many Teenagers Are Being Affected

E-cigarettes are a popular alternative for smokers and vaping is believed to be a safer option to cigarettes as they do not produce tar or ... Read More »

The Importance of a Good Pillow and How It Can Change Your Life

Few things beat the feeling of crawling into bed after a long day, and considering that we spend a third of our lives asleep, we ... Read More »

5 Lady Celebs Who've Shaved Their Heads and Why

Long hair can be hard to maintain, which is why some people opt for shorter cuts, but sporting a shaved hairstyle is not one that ... Read More »

The Psychological Benefits of Friendship

A friend is someone to trust and confide in, someone who can make you laugh, but also someone who is there when you need a ... Read More »

Lady Gaga’s Speaking out About Her Mental Health—and It's Raising Awareness for Depression

Mental health is a topic that many people are reluctant to speak about because there is a social stigma attached to it—MentalHealth.Org notes ... Read More »

Victoria Beckham Uses Crystals to Boost Healing and Wellness—Here's What You Need to Know

Alternative healing, or more specifically, crystal healing, has been enjoying its moment in the spotlight recently after it was revealed that Victoria Beckham is interested ... Read More »

Here's What You Need to Know About the Link Researchers Found Between Depression and Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, after a long day, grabbing a chocolate bar and relaxing on the sofa can really improve your mood. Chocolate is often reported to be ... Read More »

Why Can’t You Sleep? 8 Things That Could Be Preventing You From Entering Dreamland

There are few things better than climbing into your bed after a long day. Once you feel the comfort of your soft duvet wrapped around ... Read More »

Your Fresh Vegetables Could Have Listeria—Here’s How You Can Try to Prevent It

In the summer of 2019, we have read many headlines about recalled vegetables because they may have been contaminated with listeria, the most recent of which ... Read More »