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7 Things to Drink Before Bed That Could Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

It can be hard to fall asleep at night when you’re still trying to wind down from the day’s activities and your mind ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Nausea After a Workout

After working out you’re likely to feel a rush of endorphins and be on a high, but there are times when nausea follows your ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Bigorexia

Muscular dysmorphia is often referred to as bigorexia, which perhaps gives more of an indication into what this body image disorder entails; a belief that ... Read More »

You Can Get a Yeast Infection in Your Heart, and Here’s What You Should Know About It

When we hear about yeast infections we typically tend to think of them as being the common vaginal condition caused by changes in the balance ... Read More »

5 Pieces of Workout Equipment You Really Don’t Need

Working out is beneficial for our health, we all know this. Many people choose to join a gym so that they have access to the ... Read More »

5 Ways to Cut Sugar Cravings and Eliminate It From Your Diet for Good

There are few things more delicious than a pastry for breakfast on the weekends, and when that time of the month comes around, we all ... Read More »

Can You Die From Smelling Fish Fumes?

In January of 2019, a tragic case made headlines: an 11-year-old boy died after smelling fish fumes. The story, according to The Washington Post, goes as ... Read More »

Everything That You Can Do to Get a Flatter Stomach (That Doesn’t Involve Exercise)

Exercise is beneficial for our health, but there are some ways to get a flatter stomach without intense workouts. It may be easier said than ... Read More »

Tips for Finally Kicking Your Smoking Habit

Kicking any habit is tough, but with dedication (and maybe a few substitutes) it can be done, and this includes smoking. The first day without ... Read More »

5 Unusual Medical Professions

When thinking of joining the medical field (or perhaps just wondering about it) there are the obvious jobs that come to mind, like a registered ... Read More »

Not Washing Your Avocados Plus 5 Other Common Produce Mistakes

Avos are a delicious accompaniment to many meals, but how often do you wash them before slicing them in half? The chances are, you didn’... Read More »

4 Recipes You'll Love if You're Trying the Mediterranean Diet

There is a lot of good to be said about the Mediterranean Diet, which is considered to be one of the world’s healthiest diets. ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Golden Milk Tea

Drinking a beverage referred to as "Golden Milk Tea" sounds appealing, but you may be asking does it live up to the hype, and what ... Read More »

Here's What You Need to Know About Sunbeds and What They Do to Your Skin

In the colder months, you may be missing that sun-kissed glow that your skin had, and be tempted to recreate it with the help of ... Read More »

All the Things Your Body Does When You're Scared

When you’re watching a horror film you may feel your palms get sweaty and your heart starts beating more rapidly, but these are just ... Read More »

4 Things to Know About Sleep Apnea and What Causes It

Sleep apnea happens when someone is asleep and their breathing is interrupted. This can occur throughout their sleep, and some of the signals for sleep ... Read More »

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Everything You Need to Know about the Hummus Milkshake

"Hummus" and "milkshake" are two words you don’t expect to see in the same sentence, let alone used to describe a drink. But hummus ... Read More »

5 Ways to Deal With Ingrown Hairs

If you recently shaved or waxed and then noticed little red bumps around that area a few days later, it could be caused by ingrown ... Read More »

Looking Into Fat Freezing? Here's What You Should Know

Getting rid of excess weight is hard, and it can be especially difficult to lose in certain places which are less affected by diet and ... Read More »

Here's What You Need to Know About Witch Hazel

The leaves and bark of witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) are used to create a medicinal product which can be used to treat a number of ... Read More »

6 Wellness Apps That Are Worth Downloading

If you’re considering making the journey into a healthier, better you in 2019 (especially now that the holiday festivities are behind us) then it may ... Read More »

3 Things to Know About Organic Soaps and Shampoos

Chances are, you’ve got your favorite shampoos and soaps and would never dream of changing them, but with the focus that there is on ... Read More »

Does Laser Hair Removal Actually Work?

Shaving and waxing can be a tiring and monotonous task, which is why so many women let the hair on their legs grow out a ... Read More »

4 Ways to Deal With Oily Skin

Do you have oily skin? Are you wondering how to cure it, and what could be causing it? Well, the simple answer would be that ... Read More »

Going Blonde Can Cause Lasting Damage to Your Hair — Here's Everything You Need to Know

There are a lot of positives to be said about going blonde, and many famous celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Anne Hathaway, have opted to ... Read More »

5 DIY Face Masks You Can Try at Home When You’re on a Budget

There is nothing better than spending a day at the spa, but let’s be honest, this doesn’t exactly come cheap, which is why ... Read More »

4 Things That Happen When You Start Aging

Considering the amount of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products there are on the market, it would suggest that no one really wants to grow old. People ... Read More »

The 6 Strangest Pieces of Workout Gear

There have been a lot of strange fitness and diet fads over the years, some more bizarre than others, like prancercising (where people run around ... Read More »

What Have We Learned About Ourselves from Chimpanzees?

What can we learn about ourselves as humans from chimpanzees? According to the Genetic Literacy Project, not much. But let’s first take a look ... Read More »

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress Brought on by the Holidays

The festive season can be a wonderful time filled with joy and love, but it can also be a time of overindulgence and financial and ... Read More »