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Everything You Need to Know About Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant mixture. It is used for a variety of reasons and has become popular in Silicon Valley and Brooklyn societies for its ability to bring a heightened sense of consciousness.

Western society reportedly first encountered ayahuasca in 1851. It is a combination of various plants and commonly consumed as a tea. It had a resurgence in popularity in the 1970s and is once again coming into vogue, despite being an illegal substance.

Ayahuasca creates a psychedelic, visionary state of mind and is traditionally used by shaman and medicine men to help diagnose patients and to commune with nature. More recently, psychotherapy academics have become interested in using ayahuasca to treat health issues. And there are also people that use ayahuasca recreationally, to help discover a deeper meaning.

The potent blend of herbs is not without side effects. It causes diarrhea and vomiting, which is commonly known as “the purge,” amongst fans. Despite the side effects and unpleasant trips, ayahuasca remains popular amongst those that use it as they seek to experience new things with each visit.

In cities ranging from Hawaii to New York to California and others around the world, ayahuasca ceremonies are commonly held as group activities known as circles. The way that the ayahuasca rituals and experiences are described frequently rely on modern language and even technological terms as people strive to let go of unwanted emotions like anger.

Many circles include filling out a health questionnaire ahead of time as certain health conditions, including high blood pressure or taking antidepressants, means that ayahuasca.

Circles and ceremonies are closely monitored by experienced facilitators as some people become violent with the blend and there have been incidents of women being molested and others physically harmed or killed while under the influence.

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