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Are There Benefits to Tracking Your Erections?

Roman, an online erectile dysfunction medication company, has released a new app called Morning Glory to track morning erections. Users note when they wake up with an erection and three erections in a row is a “boner streak.” The app is meant to be funny, but the company says that morning erections are a positive sign of overall health for men.

Roman is a service that connects men that may be suffering from erectile dysfunction to physicians that prescribe medications. According to the company, one of the best indications of overall health is through tracking erections as they indicate healthy blood flow and put men at a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues. The Roman app is designed to help men become more aware of their health and start talking to their doctors about concerns they may have, including erectile issues.

As a way to draw attention to the Roman service — and get a few chuckles — they introduced the app and its celebrations of morning wood.

Users can look at a calendar and mark off the days they woke up with erections. The company says that although the gifs and wins and remarks from the app are all meant to be humorous, the intention behind it is quite real. They hope that it helps men to think about their overall health if erections become an issue. It seems that having trouble with erections is an early indication of health problems, but that men will continue to put off seeing a doctor in order to avoid talking about their erections.

So far, users seem to be enjoying the tool, silly as it is. They have called it silly yet educational and are pleased to find that morning erections are a sign of good health.

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