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4 Tweaks That'll Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Small changes can lead to big results. Especially with these four workout tweaks. Use these next time you hit the gym and prepare for some remarkable progress.

If you are currently on a workout program and not quite seeing the results you desire, it may just be that you need to make a few changes to freshen the program up a bit and challenge your body. Plateaus will happen if your workout routine is not constantly being adjusted, so let’s look at four simple ways that you can improve your chances of excellent progress.

Switch From Machines To Dumbbells

One fast and easy way to tweak your workout session is to switch from machines to dumbbell based exercises. While machines are great for the beginner trainee, the problem with them is that they don’t really require much total core activation. With dumbbells, you get a lot more, thus this can really help improve the results that you see.

Stand Rather Than Sit

Another way to increase the intensity of your workout program is to stand rather than sit. If you are seated for example while doing your shoulder press, consider standing instead. This simple change will activate more core muscles while making the entire exercise more intense. This, in turn, can help to increase your progress.

Change The Tempo Pattern

Alternatively, consider changing the tempo pattern of the exercise that you are doing. If you normally take two seconds to lift the weight up, consider taking three. Also focus on slowing down the eccentric portion of the exercise, which is the second phase of the movement. This will really help to yield extra results as most people rush through this phase.

A good tempo to aim for is 3 seconds to lift the weight, a one second pause at the top, and then three seconds to lower the weight.

Add In A Brief Pause

Speaking of pauses, this brings us to the next way to increase the intensity of your workout and get better results. Consider taking a brief pause at the top of the exercise rather than rushing through it.

This will do two things.

First, it will increase the total time under tension that you get with each rep and secondly, it will also reduce momentum from coming into play. Momentum is going to seriously hamper the overall results you see as it takes stress off the muscles entirely, so you want to avoid letting it come into the picture at all costs.

A brief pause puts a halt to it and keeps you seeing maximum results.

So next time you’re in the gym, give one of these techniques a try. They really can help you see superior progress.

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