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4 Group Exercises for When You're Tired of Flying Solo at the Gym

Hoping to workout with a few other people? If you want to ditch solo workouts and try group training, these exercises will be your best bets.

For some people, solo workouts just don’t do it. While some gym goers love the solitude and use the time as ‘their time’ when they can clear their mind and just zone out, others want to make their workouts more social.

For these individuals, group training is often the wisest choice. This type of training can be highly motivating as you are in the company of others and can help you push yourself to the next level. Plus, you may find the time goes by faster since you’re with others and having fun.

Not sure which are the best group exercises to be performing? While if you choose to do a group fitness class, you’ll likely have exercises prescribed to you by your instructor, if you are going at it alone, these are great options that can help you get fit and have fun.


Sprinting is not only a terrific cardio workout, it’s a great group exercise to do as well. Have each person in your group stand about 200 yards apart in a very large open field.

Now the first person should run as fast as they can to the next person, who then begins running as fast as they can to the third person. This process continues until all members of the group have gone, upon which you can then repeat the process once again.

It’ll give each group member adequate rest time before it’s time for them to complete their sprint. Each member of the group should aim to perform 5-6 sprints total.


There are few things more fun than getting out for a good old game of classic Frisbee. This is a great game as it’ll test your hand-eye coordination, proving to be quite fun, and get you running around a field as well.

The further apart you stand, the more intense the workout will be.


Rollerblading can also be a fun and fast way to get in a quick workout with a group of people. Choose a nice trail to rollerblade through in your neighborhood and get a few people together.

Rollerblading is a fantastic workout that will hit your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core. Be sure while doing it that you bend your knees as much as you can as this will help to maximize the muscle recruitment you’re getting.

Circuit Training

Finally, you can also do a circuit training type of set-up with a group as well. Set up four to six stations (or however many accounts for each person in the group) and then once set-up, have each member perform one particular type of exercise at each station.

Station one may be for burpees, station two for sit-ups, station three for walking lunges, and so on.

Time it so that each person is at each station for about 30-60 seconds and then they should run to the next. Do this in circuit training fashion until everyone has completed the circuit two to three times.

So next time you’re looking to get fit in a group, consider any one of these workout sessions. Each will help you take your fitness to the next level.

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