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Would You Go to a Robo-Brothel?

The first-ever sex doll brothel recently opened in Spain, begging the question: What's next?

Last February, the first-ever sex doll brothel set up shop in Barcelona, sparking rampant speculation as to whether we’re on the brink of a Westworld-esque sex revolution.

LumiDolls, which bills itself as the very first agency of its kind, offers prospective clients the choice between five big-lipped silicone dolls of different ethnicities. There’s Aki, the blue-haired Japanese anime character, and Katy, a blonde European model. The dolls all have one thing in common: gigantic breasts.

At around $130 USD for a one-hour session, you’ll have to shell out to find out whether or not getting it on with a sex-doll is your thing. (The website, however, claims that the dolls “will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without limits.”)

But as dolls become more and more realistic, sex robots are the obvious next step. In fact, the race is already on to create the first fully functional sex doll with AI capabilities — that, and customizable nipples, of course.

It may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but Abyss Creations believes that sex robots may soon be the new “normal.” Based outside of San Diego, Abyss Creations is the company behind the best-selling RealDoll silicone “love” doll.

Customers can choose their doll’s physical attributes, right down to freckles and piercings. Male dolls are also available — though most customers are men.

Abyss Creations has been manufacturing sex dolls for the past 20 years. For the past five, they’ve been at work on a robotic prototype.

Harmony is a sex cyborg prototype that can blink, smile, and frown. Users interact with her through an app, even choosing her personality traits — from naiveté to intellectualism. If her user wants, Harmony can engage in witty banter, tell jokes, or even talk about classical music or Shakespeare. Oh, and she’ll also have sex with you on command.

Though Abyss Creations hopes to eventually create a robo-doll that can respond to touch, they’re not there yet. The current model, which features an artificially intelligent head on the body of a RealDoll, will sell for approximately $15,000 when it’s released at the end of the year.

But for those who can’t afford Harmony, robo-brothels might be the logical answer. In fact, the Barcelona brothel is likely only the beginning. Some people believe sex robot tourism will be the next big thing, with entire holiday resorts geared towards different androids or robo-sex experiences.

The question isn’t whether you’d visit a robo-brothel, but whether having sex with human beings will one day be a thing of the past.

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