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Which (If Any) Instagram Products Are Legit?

Instagram products come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing which are legit can be challenging.

Ever wonder why celebrities and other Instagram stars promote certain products, and if these products are truly legit? You’re not alone, as it’s often difficult to determine which products advertised through Instagram are high-quality — and which are simply being promoted for a massive paycheck.

Are Products Promoted on Instagram Legit?

Chances are if products are advertised on Instagram (especially by a celebrity), such products are promoted because the Instagram star is being paid a hefty amount of money. While many celebrities may really believe in the products they’re showcasing, don’t buy a product because you see it on Instagram. Do your own online research, and read as many product reviews as you can to make an informed decision.

Instagram Apps

Certain Instagram apps are indeed legit and can help improve your Instagram experience. Such apps are generally a safe bet for making your photo memories last, but you’ll still need to check reviews to make sure these apps are a good fit for your needs. Examples of Instagram apps that may make your Instagram experience more enjoyable include:

  • Hyperlapse: this app allows you to create time-lapse videos.
  • Boomerang: when you buy this app, you’ll be able to create (and share) 1-second video loops.
  • Layout: using the Layout app, you can combine numerous pictures into one single image.
  • Latergramme: you’ll be able to schedule and manage Instagram posts using this helpful app.
  • My Year Printed: this app allows you to print a collage of a year’s worth of Instagram photos on a poster.
  • Statshot: using this app means Instagram stats are delivered right to your inbox.

Instagram Photo Printing

If you’re looking to print your favorite Instagram photos or simply purchase keepsakes covered in your best Instagram pics, consider using Social Print Studio to fulfill your needs. This company has received rave reviews from numerous websites and offers a wide variety of products to choose from — such as photo books, photo calendars, magnets, wood panoramics, stickers, posters, metal prints, postcards, mosaics and many more.

Bottom Line

Don’t believe everything you see advertised on Instagram when it’s being promoted as being one of the best products — especially if a celebrity is trying to get you to buy it. But not all Instagram products are bad, so read reviews and do research before buying to make an informed decision on where to spend your next paycheck.

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