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Should You Be Oiling Your Pubic Hair a la Emma Watson?

"Beauty & the Beast" star Emma Watson recently revealed her beauty routine to the Into the Gloss blog and in her unusually frank answer revealed that she oils her pubic hair. It kind of makes you wonder if you should be oiling yours too?

Emma Watson dropped the name Fur Oil, a product designed for the pubic region as a way to prevent ingrown hairs, but it can also be used “anywhere that hair meets skin.”

Fur Oil is the brainchild of Emily and Laura Shubert and childhood BFF Lillian Tung. Emily was searching for a way to soften her pubic hair but couldn’t find a product that was designed to help or that was specific to the region. Fur is a mixture of oils that promise to fend off bacteria that cause ingrown hairs and other oils designed to soften hairs and skin. It’s fast drying so that it won’t wreck underwear. The company also has other products to prevent ingrown hairs in the event that you want more than just oil.

And although fur oil has some practical application, it’s not a necessary grooming product, just an additional luxury. As Shubert tells Marie Claire, "there's not one standard of what's good down there, and we're just suggesting that there might be more options."

Women that are plagued by ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing love Fur oil, even if it is pricey. Although a product specifically designed for the hair down there first and the rest of your body as an afterthought is new, softening body hair isn’t. Some women condition and there are a variety of products designed to prevent ingrown hairs

Fur oil has earned rave reviews and may be a modern version of using a moisturizing shave lotion followed by aloe vera or coconut oil. But it is an indulgence compared to coconut oil.

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