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Is Your Head the Only Part of the Body That Goes Bald?

Does it seem like you only lose hair where you don’t want to? Like your hair is thinning but you still have to shave your legs as often as ever? While it may seem like you only lose hair from your head, you actually lose it from all over your body.

The hair on your head has a longer lifespan than body hair, which is why it grows out longer than your body. Body hair lasts around six months, enough time to grow a few inches before falling out. And because body hair is less dense and more spread out than the hair on your head, it’s unlikely that you notice much when it does fall out. You lose around 100 body hairs a day, you just don’t freak out the same way as when you see your strands stuck in a brush, altogether.

And although everyone’s hairs get thinner with age, by the time you lose all your body hair, it’s unlikely that you’d be around to notice to because the process is much slower. In terms of baldness, like male or female pattern baldness, the condition only affects the hairs on your head, although it is possible to experience other forms of hair loss, known as alopecia in other areas, such as a beard or armpits.

Thinning hair is a sign of aging and can affect the pubic region as well as the head. It is possible, but extremely rare to go completely bald in the pubic region, although some noticeable hair loss is natural. Various health conditions that affect the skin (eczema, ringworm, psoriasis, etc) are usually to blame for body hair loss, rather than just the usual signs of aging. Hormone imbalance is another reason for body hair loss as well.

If you are concerned about body hair loss, talk to your doctor to make sure that there isn’t an underlying health condition at work.

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