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Yoga Poses Even the Least Flexible Can Do


Worried that you're not flexible enough to practice Yoga? If your muscles are a bit stiff or tight, you may think, Heck no -- I can't get into all those twisting poses! But the beauty of Yoga is that there's something for everyone, so you can easily find poses that will be doable no matter how inflexible you are. Here are some of the best poses for those with limited flexibility:

Reverse Warrior

This brilliant Yoga pose stretches out your torso while giving you a wicked leg workout. As you settle into the Warrior I position, you'll feel the stretch in your back leg. When you reach backward into Reverse Warrior, the stretch will continue, your hips will open, and your upper body will get a nice stretch.

Mountain Pose

This is the basic pose to start your workout with, and it's focused on deep breathing and correcting your posture. Simply stand tall with your hands by your side and take deep breaths as you straighten your back.

Chair Pose

For those who want to work their legs, this is a great pose to try. All you need for this exercise is a bit of leg and core strength -- no flexibility is needed. You'll find that even twisting into Twisted Chair Pose can be fairly easy no matter how stiff you are.

Downward Dog

You may not be able to put your heels all the way on the floor just yet, but anyone can do Downward Dog. This is a wonderful hamstring stretch that hits your lower back nicely, and you'll feel so much better after a few minutes in this position.

Child's Pose

There are few Yoga movements that hit your lower back as effective as this one! As you settle into the child's pose, your elongated arms will pull on your back and straighten your spine. If you have lower back troubles, this is definitely the Yoga pose to try.


Yet another great pose for your lower back! The Bridge pose is the same as the Bridge exercise: feet flat on the floor, knees bent, hips straight, and only shoulders touching the ground. It's not only a good stretch for your lower back, but hold it long enough and it turns into a brilliant workout.

Tree Pose

For balance poses, it doesn't get simpler than the Tree Pose. Stand on one foot, bring your other foot up to rest on your upper thigh, and hold. It's challenging in terms of balance, but you don't need any flexibility for this one!

Locust Pose

This is similar to the Superman exercise, with one small difference: your arms reach backward toward your butt rather than extended forward over your head. It's a back bend that
works your core brilliantly with a focus on your upper back.

Plank Pose

Plank Pose came from Yoga first, so the exercise you now incorporate into your abs workouts will be a major part of your Yoga session. Whether you hold on your elbows or your hands, it's a pose that requires no flexibility at all.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

For those with lower back problems (particularly sciatica issues) this is one of the best poses to do. Not only will it help to stretch that tight lower back, but it loosens up the glutes and hamstrings nicely.

See, you don't need flexibility to do Yoga! Even if you stick with the basics, you can get in a fairly effective Yoga workout no matter how limited your flexibility may be.


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