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Why Killer Ab Workouts Won't Get You Ripped


One of the biggest misconceptions among gym-goers is that killer ab workouts are an important component of gut-wrenching exercise. Television is littered with infomercials that claim their "new" version of the infamous ab-blaster will shred your midsection, giving you washboard abs. The truth of the matter is that performing an extraneous number of crunches won't get you ripped. Conventional wisdom points toward intense bouts of abdominal exercise as being the answer to helping you gain the flashy six-pack you so often see in the movies, but cardiovascular exercise must be performed to burn the excess layer of fat engulfing your midsection.

Understanding the Benefits of Cardiovascular Activity

It's important to realize your abs are exercised during most workout activities. It's true that abdominal exercise specifically targets the muscles in your midsection, but other forms of exercise force the same muscles to contract, fueling strength development. A decent number of gym-goers will do whatever it takes to avoid engaging intense bouts of cardio, but these modes of exercise will help you achieve your goal of attaining a trimmer midsection much faster than any other form of exercise. Cardio activity will also help you burn fat. You don't necessarily need to run five miles per day on a treadmill to shred excess body fat. Other cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming, can help you reach your goal.

Benefits of Killer Ab Workouts

Killer ab workouts won't get you ripped, but that doesn't mean they're not beneficial. Maintaining a strong midsection is important for fitness longevity. Believe it or not, you use your abs in practically every aspect of your everyday life. From sitting in a desk chair at the office to walking down the street for a cup of coffee, you are constantly using your abdominal muscles. Intense ab exercise demands frequent repetition of various movements that strengthen the core muscles. Execution of killer ab workouts can improve your posture and enable you to better perform other types of exercise, such as running and weightlifting. However, a 2011 study conducted by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at Southern Illinois University proves that repeated ab exercise has minimal effect on reducing the presence of subcutaneous fatty tissues in the body.

Selecting the Most Effective Ab Exercises

You don't need to dial an 800-number or spend an hour on an exercise mat doing crunches to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Strengthening your abs requires proper execution of a variety of different complex exercises, which can be performed either at home or at the gym. For effective results, try performing a four-exercise ab circuit that includes the pike walk, glute bridge with abduction, straight-arm side bridge and Hindu pushups. These exotic-sounding exercises will help build muscle in the core and back and also strengthen hip joints. To perform Hindu pushups, place your feet shoulder-width apart with your buttocks arched in the air. Move your head toward the ground while bending your elbows. Be sure to keep your legs straight as you lower your hips to the ground. Push up, lifting your head toward the starting position.


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