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What Happens to Your Body When You Only Eat Fruit?

Only eating fruit may seem like a healthy diet plan but it’s really not. Here’s why.

We all know that fruit is often called ‘Mother Nature’s candy’ and is a recommended part of most healthy diet plans. You’ll find few diets that completely shun fruit because it is so high in nutrition.

But what if you ate only fruit? What if you took this idea to the max and that’s all you chose to consume. Is it healthy then?

The long and short of it is no. Here’s what will happen if you try.

Low Energy Levels

First, you’ll likely notice that you eventually start to have low energy levels. Now one might think the opposite is true – you should be full of energy since fruit is all carbs. But the lack of iron will lead you down a path to iron deficiency anemia and this will leave you feeling very tired all day long.

Fluctuation Blood Glucose Levels

You’ll also experience greatly fluctuating blood glucose levels. This will be thanks to the fact that you aren’t taking in any protein or fat to help stabilize blood glucose levels. While fruit is rich in dietary fiber, it’s also rich in simple sugars as well, and that combination just isn’t ideal for keeping your blood sugar levels stable.

Impaired Cognition

Don’t be surprised if you start to feel a bit foggy minded after being on nothing but fruit for a few days. The lack of dietary fat in your diet will impact brain health as the brain does need fat to function. Ultra low-fat diets often leave people unable to focus and concentrate, so you may find these issues creeping up.

Weak Immune System

Your immune system requires healthy fats on a regular basis coupled with protein to survive. Fruit provides neither. At least vegetables do provide some protein, fruit is pretty much completely protein free. Initially, you may get a boost from all the antioxidants you’re taking in, but that boost will be short lived.

Low Muscle Repair And Recovery

Finally, if you exercise regularly, don’t expect to see the recovery you used to. Your body needs amino acids to recover and if you’re only eating fruit, you can be sure of one thing and that’s that you aren’t providing them.

So as you can hopefully see, eating only fruit is not a wise dietary strategy while. While fruit on its own is healthy, you need other foods beyond fruit to make your diet complete.

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