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Victoria Beckham Uses Crystals to Boost Healing and Wellness—Here's What You Need to Know

Alternative healing, or more specifically, crystal healing, has been enjoying its moment in the spotlight recently after it was revealed that Victoria Beckham is interested in crystal energy and its benefits.

Beckham added crystals to her eponymous collection in 2018 and explained via Instagram that she carries crystals with her “all the time,” which is why she decided to include them in her Autumn/Winter collection, but Hello! magazine also reports that she “has tea bags with crystal energy” and she carries around LifeRocks copper bottles daily. The publication spoke to the founder of the brand, Amiee Carlton, to find out more about why people like Mrs. Beckham choose to incorporate crystals into their everyday life.

First things first, how do crystals work? Carlton responded to this question by telling Hello! that crystals have grown underground for thousands of years, and she claims they each have a “very specific molecular structure.” She explains that this structure “vibrates and creates a frequency,” adding, “It is this frequency that holds supportive properties when it is aligned with our personal frequency. In a way, it creates vibrational balance and as a result, a feeling of wellbeing.”

She also believes that if there is one crystal that can benefit anyone, it’s clear quartz because of its healing properties, which she states “amplifies energy" and "cleanses and clears vibrational density and stimulates vitality."

Beckham is also not the only celebrity to have shared her love of crystals, and Vogue notes how Adele uses them for stage fright, and Miranda Kerr is believed to use them to “filter her skincare line.” The use of crystals is nothing new, and they can be used for a number of different reasons, that said, the publication notes that there is not exactly scientific research when it comes to the powers of crystals, but many people use them to aid mindful practices.

Each stone is believed to have a different focus, for example, amethyst is thought to cleanse the “body, mind and aura” from negative patterns, while rose quartz can help focus on healing or dealing with heartbreak, and jade can help an individual gaining better understanding of who they are so that they can shift their focus to "naturally align" with their talents.

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