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Pilates: How to Tone Your Body Fast

Fitday Editor
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When you're looking to find how to tone your body effectively and efficiently, look no further than Pilates. Pilates is a wonderful toning and strength training method that is good for people of all fitness levels and abilities. With the number of Pilates classes and home workout videos available, it's relatively easy to get started on a routine. If you do Pilates several times a week, you're bound to see results within a couple of months.

Find the Kind of Pilates You Like Best

The most common type of Pilates you will encounter is mat-based, meaning a set a movements that can be done using only a simple mat on the floor. Other kinds of Pilates, like Stott Pilates and Reformer Pilates, use machines and equipment and are not as common in conventional gyms. You may have to seek out a Pilates studio for these kinds of classes, whereas mat-based Pilates classes can easily be found at almost any gym.

One method isn't necessarily better than the others. For purposes of toning your body fast, you'll want to do Pilates at least three times a week. If you prefer the personal attention and machine-based exercises found in Reformer Pilates, you'll want to sign up for a 6 to 8 week session of classes. If you want the flexibility of doing Pilates through both classes at the gym and at-home video workouts, you'll want to stick with mat-based Pilates.

More About Mat-Based Pilates

Pilates focuses on strengthening your core or "powerhouse," your deep abdominal and back muscles. By strengthening these muscles, your posture will improve. As you strengthen your core, you'll also do a series of exercises focusing on your arms and legs. Not only will you tone your muscles through Pilates, you'll elongate them. Given time, you'll notice your body becoming more svelte and lean. As a matter of fact, many dancers do a Pilates workout on a regular basis. While it isn't realistic to expect to look like a dancer, incorporating several regular Pilates routines into your weekly workout regimen can help you to attain a more muscular and lean body.

As stated earlier, to tone your body fast, you'll need to do mat-based Pilates at least three times a week. To keep from becoming bored, vary your routine by taking a class once or twice week and also doing a video at home. Pilates is one of those workouts where quality is much more important than quantity. Focus on doing the movements slowly and correctly, not hastily without attention to form, for best results.

Pilates Alone Isn't Enough

A Pilates workout will target your entire body, making it one of the most efficient uses of time in relation to your strength training routine. However, you'll see the best results if you're also doing cardiovascular activity at least three times a week in addition. Furthermore, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet will only help to shed the fat and show off the long and lean muscle you're forming through your Pilates regimen.

Give yourself a good six to nine weeks before you expect to see results. Be disciplined and motivated with your routine and Pilates can transform your body.

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