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Muscle Toning Equipment Not Found in a Gym

Fitday Editor
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You have muscle toning equipment in your home right now. There are many household items you can use for stretching that you won't find in the gym, but still will help you increase your flexibility. You can save some money and use your everyday items to tone your body. Here are just a few of the things you can use at home to create definition and better health. With all of these exercises, use as much weight as it takes so that the 15th repetition feels very difficult.

Bicep Curls

Soup cans are the cheapest bar bell you'll find. You can use soup cans of varying weights and sizes depending on your goals and abilities. Soup cans are best for arm work. Hold a can in each hand and put your arms straight at your sides with your palms facing out. Curl each arm up to the chest, either together or separately. Focus your attention on the bicep muscle as you lift.

Tricep Curls

You can work the triceps with soup cans by stretching the arms out to the side with the palms facing behind you. You can then curl the arms inward toward the chest, focusing on the tricep muscle and attempting to isolate it.

Leg Lifts

You can attach the soup can to an ankle using a hair band. Now you have added weight to the leg, which will turn even the simplest leg lifts into a muscle building activity. Get into a solid standing position. Start with the can on the outer side of the ankle and lift the leg directly outward to the side. Next you can put the can on top of the ankle and lift the leg straight out in front of you. Then rotate the can to the back of the ankle and push the leg directly out behind you. You've just worked many of the leg muscles.

Working Your Abs While Being a Couch Potato

Your couch can turn into an excellent piece of equipment for working your abdominal muscles. Find a mat to lie on and a pillow for your head. Lie on your back and put your legs up on the couch and bent at the knee. Your rear end should be up against the couch. You're now in a great position for many of the abdominal exercises that would be less of a workout if you were simply on the floor. You can then cross your legs and pull yourself up to the opposite side to work the side abdominals.

You can get creative in your house to maximize your in-home toning workout. Stairs can be used to work the legs, and many objects can be used for weight lifting.

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