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How the Bar Method Tones the Body

Fitday Editor

The Bar Method is an exercise program that uses interval style training to increase muscle strength and density, burn fat and create a leaner, stronger physique. The Bar Method uses a ballet barre to help students maintain strenuous standing poses for minutes at a time. It also takes students from bursts of high level, intense activity into periods of relaxing, deep stretches, to imitate interval training and offer similar benefits.

The Bar Method Explained

The Bar Method uses a ballet barre and encourages students to maintain difficult standing poses that keep all of the major muscle groups of the body contracted for minutes on end. It offers an intense workout that creates denser muscles and more physical strength than yoga or Pilates. The Bar Method works quickly, within six to eight weeks if you exercise three to five times a week. Ultimately, you'll enjoy longer, more toned muscles, greatly increased core strength, and better posture. You'll also enjoy many of the benefits of aerobic exercise, including increased endurance and lower risk of cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

How the Bar Method Tones Your Muscles

The Bar Method, like yoga and Pilates, uses standing postures to tone and strengthen all the muscles of your body. Unlike Pilates, the Bar Method works on major muscle groups rather than small, individual muscles. Unlike yoga, the Bar Method focuses on enhanced fitness, rather than a mind-body-soul connection.

The Bar Method works because it forces you, with the help of a ballet barre, to maintain difficult standing postures for several minutes on end. These postures keep the all the major muscle groups of your body contracted for long periods of time, building muscle density and strength. Because the Bar Method takes students through intense bursts of strenuous activity interspersed with periods of relaxation and stretching, it simulates interval training to raise your metabolism and burn fat fast. The Bar Method uses free weights, pull ups and core strengthening floor exercises as well as standing poses to strengthen every muscle in your body.

Benefits of the Bar Method

The Bar Method is similar to the methods used by ballet dancers to maintain a strong and flexible physique. This means that the Bar Method will give you a dancer's body. You'll develop long, strong leg muscles, firmer abdominal and back muscles, tighter gluteal muscles and better posture. You'll enjoy better balance and greater overall muscular stability. Your muscles and joints will function more efficiently and your raised metabolism will help you lose weight and keep it off. You'll also develop greatly increased stamina and cardiovascular endurance.

Because it imitates interval training, the Bar Method can help you live longer and fight off chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. You'll develop larger, denser muscles and suffer from fewer aches and pains. The Bar Method is especially effective at fighting lower back pain, because it strengthens and lengthens the core muscles and hip flexors.

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