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Eight Tips to Tone Up Fast While Ill

Fitday Editor

It's possible to still tone up fast even if you are ill. It's important to balance rest with exercise, but doing these simple movements while sick will help you still burn calories and return to work feeling more fit rather than less. Here are eight tips to help you tone up even if you're feeling under the weather.

1. Get Some Movement

Even if you're feeling sick, tell yourself you're going to do some light to moderate exercise. Intense cardio is not recommended while sick, but low impact muscle toning will increase circulation. This will help you get better and will make it easier to increase your activity little by little as you're feeling better.

2. Set a Reasonable Goal

Set a goal that you know you can reach. Pick 3 exercises to do even if you're really feeling bad, and start with just one set. On days when you feel better, you can do more. If you set a reasonable goal, you'll feel encouraged and will be more likely to keep up the habit. Even just a little toning work per day can yield results.

3. Start Early In the Day

If you start early in the day, you'll be more likely to get more movements in.

4. Focus on Your Favorite and Easiest Exercise

Start the day with a toning exercise you enjoy and that you find the easiest. This will encourage you to keep your workout up because you'll feel good about yourself and your body.

5. Workout in Small Amounts Throughout the Day

With all the extra time you have, you can get in a lot of exercise without exerting a lot of effort. Do one set of an exercise and then take a break, even if the break involves a long nap.

6. Reward Yourself

You're sick, so don't expect a huge amount from yourself. Reward yourself even if you try to do the exercise. Rewards might include a special but healthy meal, getting to watch a movie, or buying yourself a good book or something else online.

7. Choose Your Exercises Wisely

Try to do toning exercises that address several areas of the body at once if you have the energy for the larger movements. For the legs and lower abs, this would involve sitting down with legs bent. As you try to lift both legs up off the ground, your working the quads and the lower abs. As you lower the legs, imagine that there's resistance there and the hamstrings will be worked as well. For arms, do both arms at once as you do curls. Alternate one bicep curl with one tricep curl so that you're at least addressing both muscle groups in one exercise session.

8. Use Household Items as Weightlifting Equipment

You can find items in your home that will maximize the benefits of the energy you're expending. Soup cans make excellent barbells. Your couch can help you work the abs if you lie on your back with your legs up on the couch for your crunches.

9. Manage Your Nutrition

It's important to still feed your body, even if you feel sick. If you don't feel like eating, try to at least take in some chicken broth or a baked potato. Even a little bit of orange juice will also facilitate your exercise and healing.

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