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Five Arm Toning Exercises to Tighten Skin after Losing Weight

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After a significant weight loss, your next challenge is to tone up and tighten skin that is left behind. Trying to get rid of loose skin can be extremely frustrating, especially when it's on your arms where it's highly visible. Start (if you haven't already) an exercise program that includes resistance training in addition to cardiovascular workouts and a healthy eating plan. Some people may require surgery to get rid of all their loose skin, but others can tighten skin by simply toning up.

Below are some exercises that will help you tone and reduce extra flab you may have on your arms. Try to do 10 - 15 repetitions of each exercise and repeat for 2 - 3 sets.

1. Modified Push-Ups

Push-ups are great for strengthening and toning up muscles in your chest and arms. The modified push-up is performed on your knees. Facing down, place your weight on your knees and hands. Keeping your back straight at all times, push up with your arms until they are fully extended; then, slowly lower your body until it almost touches the floor and repeat. If you're up for an extra challenge, try 10 - 15 regular push-ups.

2. Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are great for toning the back of your arms. You'll need a chair for this exercise. Place your feet on the floor a few feet from and facing away from the chair. Place your hands behind you on the seat of the chair (fingers facing toward you). Keeping your legs straight, slowly dip down by bending your arms behind you until your butt is almost touching the floor. Slowly raise your body back up using your triceps until your arms are fully extended (straight) and repeat.

3. Dumbbell Diagonal Raises

This exercise will really tone up those shoulders. From a standing position, keep your right arm straight and place it (while holding your dumbbell) across your body in front of you, near your left (opposite) hip. Slowly raise your arm (keeping it straight) in front of you and up diagonally across your body until it is fully extended above your right shoulder; slowly lower your arm back down to your left hip and repeat. Repeat this exercise with your left arm.

4. Dumbbell Bicep Curls

From a standing position, hold a dumbbell in each hand (arms at sides). Keeping your palms facing up, slowly curl up both arms by bending at the elbow until your biceps are fully flexed; keep your elbows close to your sides during this exercise. Hold for a second, then slowly lower your weights back down to the starting position and repeat.

5. Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Flies

This exercise will tone your arms, shoulders and back. With your feet about shoulder width apart, bend forward at the waist until your torso is almost parallel with the floor. You can modify this exercise by not bending forward quite as far. With a dumbbell in each hand, your arms should be straight and pointing towards the floor. Slowly raise your arms (keeping them straight) away from each other and toward the ceiling. Stop when your arms are even with your shoulders. Slowly lower your arms and repeat.

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