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This Is What Happens When You Ditch Your Makeup

Makeup gives women confidence; it can transform our looks or enhance our natural beauty, and we all have our own reasons for loving it. Most of us wear makeup almost every day, but there's a good chance that at least one or two days a week you ditch it — and lay on the sofa all day watching Netflix. But what happens to your skin, and your confidence, when you go all-natural for a week or more?

Makeup provides some women with an added security, especially if you’ve recently had a breakout, or have skin discolorations. Yet in recent years, there has been a bit of a trend encouraging women to go makeup-free, with celebrities posting photos on Instagram, and a handful evening ditching cosmetics for good, like Alicia Keys. This is not a bad idea, because not only will you save time every morning (and think of all the things you can do in that time), but it could also improve your skin and you may even find a hidden confidence. Expanding on this last point, after ditching makeup, you could realize you don’t need it. You could feel comfortable in your own skin, and may even decide to wear fewer products in the future.

You could also become less stressed by not having to take the time and effort for your beauty routine, which can be liberating. Not only this, but Shape notes that you can relax and not worry about whether your foundation is even, your eyeliner is smudged, or if your lipstick is on your teeth.

According to Evoke, among the things that happen when you ditch your makeup is your pores appear smaller. The reason for this is because pores can become clogged, and larger over time, as makeup particles build up in the pores.

Interestingly, you may also have fewer wrinkles, as dermatologist Dr. Robin Evans told the publication makeup can make wrinkles and lines worse. The products can settle in the fine lines, exaggerating their appearance, thus not wearing makeup could actually make you look younger.

And the best part? Better and improved skin. According to Evoke, when you use makeup brushes, your hands, and just makeup in general, you are exposing your skin to more toxins and oils, which could thus lead to more breakouts and acne. Shape also notes how wearing makeup adds layers to your skin, and there’s a chance you’re not removing it all when you take it off. Plus, makeup can clog your pores if you leave it on overnight.

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