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The Three Piece Workout That'll Challenge Your Whole Body

Three pieces of equipment — that's all you need for a challenging full-body workout.

This workout is designed to be done as a circuit. Go from one exercise to the next with little to no rest. You can choose to do this by repetitions, or make it easy and set a timer. Go through the circuit one to three times, making any adjustments you desire.

Med Ball Pushups

You can do this one of two ways: keep medicine ball stationary under one hand then switch on next set, or roll the ball gently back and forth from hand to hand for each rep. Keep your core tight and body straight. You can do these from your knees or your toes, depending on your ability level.

Squat Throw

Hold the med ball at chest height in both hands. Feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width with toes forward or angled slightly out. Squat down and as you come up throw the ball straight up in the air. Catch it as you go down in another squat.

Jump Rope

As fast or slow as you want to.

Bent Over Row

Place band under your feet and stand hip-width apart. You can wrap it around more than once to increase tension. Keep knees slightly bent and hinge forward at your hips. Holding one end of the band in each hand, bend your elbows and draw them up towards the ceiling — squeezing your shoulder blades together as you lift. Let your arms straighten back down for one complete rep.

Alternating Side Lunges

Hold the med ball at chest height and stand up straight with your feet next to each other. Step out wide to the side with your right leg. Keep your left leg straight as you bend at your right knee and hip, lowering your butt towards the floor as your torso leans forward to maintain balance. Press up back together, and step to the left.

Side Jumps Over Rope

Lay the rope out on the floor in a straight line. Stand so your right side faces the rope and jump over to the right with both feet. Go as quickly as you can side to side over the rope.

Band Shoulder Press

Place the band securely under your feet holding a handle in each hand. Bend your elbows and bring your hands up by your shoulders, palms facing forward. Press up overhead bringing your hands together as your arms straighten. Lower back down to the start position for one complete rep.

Walking Lunge and Twist

Hold the ball at chest height. You can keep it close to your body to make it less challenging, or straighten your arms parallel to the floor for more of a challenge. Step forward with your right leg and as you lunge down twist your body to the right as far as you can in a controlled manner. Push up and as you come up bring your torso back to center. Step through with your left foot and twist to the left.

Forward Jump and Back over Rope

Place the rope straight on the floor. Facing the rope, hop forward and back over the rope.

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