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The Surprising Reason This Fire Department Says You Should Be Wary of Pool Noodles

When the fire department issues a warning about pool noodles, you immediately think that those buoyant polyethylene floatation devices you spend the summer months playing with, could be a fire hazard, right? After all, most of us are not really aware of what goes into making these things and combined with the hot sun, who knows what could happen. Except, the warning is not about fire, it’s about snakes!

In some areas, there have been warnings to residents to watch out for these floatation devices because snakes could be hiding in them. The report first started circulating in the middle of 2018, when The Buckeye Fire Department issued a warning after learning of a rattlesnake popping out of a pool noodle, which also contained two younger snakes, NOLA reports. An Arizona fire department had reportedly received multiple reports about other types of snakes using the pool noodles to lay their eggs when the devices were left outdoors near bushes and block walls.

Then in May 2019, the topic came up again, and People spoke to Animal Planet expert Dave Salmoni about how likely a snake-related incident could be. “In my experience, I’ve never seen or heard of snakes hiding in pool noodles, however it would make sense behaviorally,” he told People. “Snakes are always looking for a nice dark, quiet space to hang out in when they’re not spending time in the sun.”

Although it is smart to be wary of these flotation devices, Salmoni does say that the chances of seeing a snake in your pool noodle are rare—yes, we are breathing a sigh of relief, too. There is apparently no region at higher risk and no species that are more likely to be found within the pool noodle. Still, he notes this could happen in any region where there are snakes, and if they are small enough to fit in the hole of the noodle. So, store them somewhere where snakes cannot gain access!

[Image via Shutterstock]

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