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The Skin Cleaning Routine Every Woman Should Follow After a Workout

When you hit the gym, you are sweating out the toxins in your body, which you already know is good for you. But after an intensive workout session, it can be easy to forget about post-workout routines, like cleaning your skin.

If you don't take care of your skin post-workout it could result in a buildup of bacteria and clogged pores. So, it should go without saying that it's important to clean your skin after your training session. Need a skin cleaning routine that's simple and efficient? Below are some tips to help get your skin ready.

Firstly, before heading to gym remove all your makeup to avoid clogging up your pores—the combination of makeup and sweat can result in clogged pores and will prevent the skins natural ability to breathe. But even if you're not wearing makeup prior to your workout, it's still a smart move to cleanse your skin.

If you're planning on working out outdoors then remember to a apply an oil-free SPF.

After your workout you should avoid wiping your face with a dirty towel or your hands because this could put more dirt in the open pores, instead, pat your face dry with a clean gym towel. Always remember to remove your sweaty garments as soon as possible and wash in warm water (not hot, because according to Hello magazine, this can strip the skin of its natural oils).

Then clean your freshly washed face with a gentle cleanser (preferably an antibacterial one) followed by a toner. And lastly, finish off with a light anti-inflammatory moisturizer to hydrate your skin and prevent any irritation—remember, even normal skin can be sensitive after a workout, so it may be a good decision to choose products that are dermatologically approved for sensitive skin to avoid any inflammation.

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