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The Reason Why Lush's Dream Cream Is Stealing Headlines

It's a dream come true!

Chances are you’ve heard of the British cosmetics brand Lush Cosmetics, or at the very least walked past it in a big shopping mall and smelled the fragrances wafting out of the store; but in recent months the brand has been making headlines for one product, in particular, their Dream Cream body lotion.

On the website, the retailer describes the cream as “light, cooling and easily absorbed into the skin” and it’s been created using a mixture of natural ingredients and safe synthetics, which include rose water, tea tree oil, oat milk, chamomile oil, lavender oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. The reviews online are glowing, but there is one review in particular that has caused this brand’s sales to increase, and that was the review by British mother Sarah Rudd.

Rudd took to Facebook to share drastically different before and after photos of her baby boy and commented on how the cream had been used to treat the eczema flare-up that he had suffered from since birth. Along with the pictures, she captioned the post with how she had used a number of different creams and nothing worked, and that for months her son had been unable to sleep because he was scratching himself all night. She wanted to recommend the Dream Cream because of how it had transformed her son’s skin, and she claimed he was “now completely and utterly eczema free.” Her testimonial went viral, having been shared almost 50,000 times.

Sales for the product soared after this glowing review, but will it cure eczema for all customers? This is something Bustle spoke about with Peter Seney, Lush's digital PR coordinator, who told the publication that it was the essential oils and ingredients that have been proven to calm sensitive and dry skin, which could help those suffering from the skin condition. He also commented on how the cream was made up of 38 percent oat milk, "which has been used for centuries to calm sore and irritated skin."

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