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The Most Beautiful Places in the World to Go for a Run

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are among of the countries in the world that are best known for their fantastic cycling routes and facilities, but what countries are geared up to suit runners? The answer to this question in part depends on your preferences and your needs; do you want to run surrounded by beautiful scenery? Or do you prefer a concrete jungle? And then do you want to run competitively, or do you just want to take a stroll?

However, there's one thing we can probably all agree on, and that's that it’s far better to run in the great outdoors than it is to run in the gym surrounded by loads of sweaty people and a temperature that’s never quite right. If you’re looking for exceptional beauty, then among the most beautiful places to run in is Norway, and there is one particular race worth mentioning. According to Huffington Post, the Marathon of the Midnight Sun takes place in June in Tromsø in the Arctic Circle, and if anyone reading this has ever been to Norway they will know that the country's winters may be harsh, but their summers are incredible and consist of long hours of daylight. In fact, if you travel North there is the phenomenon of the midnight sun.

Table Mountain is a prominent landmark in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, and is visited by tourists and locals alike on a daily basis. This mountain is fantastic to hike, but there is also a Table Mountain trail run which is a challenging run along the side of the mountain and towards Devil’s Peak. It may test you physically, but you'll be rewarded with fantastic views of the city (which is in my opinion the most beautiful in the world).

The third recommendation on this list is not a place I have been, but according to LiveStrong, Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica is a must for runners who want a stunning view of the oceanside. It’s reportedly an easy run because it’s flat, and although it’s definitely not a secluded spot and there are a lot of tourists and locals who will be walking around, you have your choice of pathway, grass, or beach sand!

Looking for another marathon to inspire you? Then you may like the Athens Marathon in Greece. It’s an interesting and historic city, and you’ll be able to experience this if you decide to run the race in November. According to Escape Here, it starts with runners circling the War Memorial in the town of Marathon (fitting name, I know), then takes competitors on a beautiful scenic view and ends at the Panathenaic Stadium.

If marathons are not your thing, then Athens is still a great place to visit because according to TheTravelPorter, you can make use of the running route above the Panathenaic Stadium. Also, it’s a beautiful city, so you can of course run down the scenic streets, if you’re willing to contend with groups of tourists that is.

Yosemite National Park has something for everyone, runners included. If you want to immerse yourself in nature, this is definitely one of the top places to do it and Runner’s World recommends the beautiful Glacier Point Road, which is located above the Yosemite Valley.

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