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The Best Workout to Blast Your Gut


Gut-wrenching workouts are commonly thought of as ab-blasting routines that require proper execution of hundreds of crunches. It's not possible to burn off belly fat from concentrated exercise in a particular region of the body, though. Abdominal strength training will help you develop muscle mass underneath the fatty tissues in your midsection, but it won't make your abs "pop." According to ExRx, spot reduction is impossible. This means you cannot simply burn fat in one particular section of your body. Total body fat must be reduced in order to give your gut a movie-star appeal. High-intensity aerobic activity is ultimately the best mode of exercise for blasting your gut.

Fat Blaster: Sprint Interval Training

Sprint interval training is a high-intensity method of exercise that fuels fat loss and strengthens the abdominal muscles. The concept of sprinting to burn fat may sound daunting, but proper execution of this type of exercise will blast your gut and help you slim down. According to the American Council on Exercise, sprint interval training forces the body to operate at 100 percent of total aerobic capacity. This will both enhance your muscular endurance and boost your metabolic rate, which is necessary in order to maximize your body's ability to burn fat.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) requires short bursts of sprinting to be performed in one-minute segments. A thorough warm-up period is absolutely necessary before participating in this type of exercise. Consult your physician if you're concerned about issues related to heart health before committing yourself to HIIT. Sprint intervals are performed in moderation, depending on physical fitness level. A two-minute jog should precede each one-minute burst of sprinting. A full sprint interval workout includes three to four cycles before cooling down. This type of activity shouldn't be performed more than two times per week for the purpose of avoiding injury.

Begin to Incorporate Weight Training

Weight training effectively complements high-intensity aerobic activity when trying to blast your gut. After becoming acclimated to intense bouts of interval training, incorporate weightlifting into your routine. A complete ab-blasting workout is composed of aerobic activity and strength training. A workout template should include a warm-up period in which a light jog or power walk is performed over 10 minutes on a treadmill. A 30-second sprint should immediately follow your warm-up. After cooling down for approximately three minutes, proceed to perform 15 to 20 repetitions of squats and overhead shoulder presses at a reasonable weight without rest. An additional 30 seconds of sprinting should be performed after both strength training exercises are completed. A three-minute cool-down period caps this workout, which should be completed within seven minutes.

The Gateway to More Intense Exercise

Burning fat is absolute must in order to blast your gut and attain the washboard abs you might desire. This isn't a simple feat to accomplish, especially for beginners. If you don't have extensive experience in the gym, it's recommended that you test your body's natural capacity for intense modes of exercise before committing yourself to a vigorous workout regimen. Ab-toning exercises can be performed as a kickstart to gut-wrenching activity. Front planks, plank twists, straight-line side lifts and straight-leg scissors are examples of efficient ab-blasting exercises that will help strengthen your midsection. These exercises don't require intense bouts of sprinting, although they can be incorporated into your high-intensity workout program. After all, you need to burn belly fat in order to completely blast your gut.


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